Awakened Lucius: Everything You Need to Know About the New Update

Are you ready for the most anticipated update of the year? The one that will change the fate of the world of Eternal Return: Black Survival? The one that will unleash the true power of the Awakened Lucius?

If you are a fan of this popular survival game, you probably know that Lucius, the mysterious leader of the Agnis Research Group, has been hiding a dark secret. He is not just a brilliant scientist, but also a powerful Awakened, a human who has gained supernatural abilities by injecting himself with Nanites.

But what exactly are his abilities, and how do they differ from his normal form? How does he look like when he transforms into his Awakened state? And most importantly, when will he be available to play in the game?

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about the Awakened Lucius, based on the latest leaks and rumors. We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to use him effectively in the game. Let’s get started!


As an Awakened, Lucius has access to two sets of abilities: his normal ones, and his Awakened ones. He can switch between them by using his ultimate skill, Awakening. Here is a brief overview of his abilities:

  • Normal Abilities

    • Passive: Nanite Injection. Lucius injects himself with Nanites every time he uses a skill, gaining a stack of Nanite Charge. Each stack increases his skill damage and reduces his skill cooldowns. He can have up to 10 stacks, and they last for 10 seconds.
    • Q: Nanite Blast. Lucius fires a blast of Nanites in a straight line, dealing damage and slowing enemies hit. If he hits an enemy with 10 stacks of Nanite Charge, he stuns them for 1 second instead.
    • W: Nanite Shield. Lucius creates a shield of Nanites around himself, absorbing damage and granting him movement speed. The shield lasts for 3 seconds, or until it is broken. If he breaks the shield by taking damage, he deals damage and silences enemies around him for 1 second.
    • E: Nanite Dash. Lucius dashes in the target direction, dealing damage and knocking back enemies he passes through. He can dash twice in a row, but the second dash has a longer cooldown.
    • R: Awakening. Lucius activates his Awakened mode, transforming his appearance and gaining access to his Awakened abilities. He also gains a burst of Nanite Charge and resets the cooldowns of his normal abilities. He can use this skill again to revert to his normal mode.
  • Awakened Abilities

    • Passive: Nanite Overload. Lucius gains a permanent stack of Nanite Charge every time he kills an enemy or a wild animal. He also gains a temporary stack every time he uses a skill. Each stack increases his attack damage and attack speed. He can have up to 20 stacks, and the temporary ones last for 10 seconds.
    • Q: Nanite Slash. Lucius slashes with his Nanite blade, dealing damage and applying a bleed effect to enemies hit. The bleed effect deals damage over time and stacks up to 3 times. If he hits an enemy with 3 stacks of bleed, he heals himself for a percentage of the damage dealt.
    • W: Nanite Burst. Lucius unleashes a burst of Nanites around himself, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. He also gains a shield equal to a percentage of the damage dealt, which lasts for 3 seconds.
    • E: Nanite Jump. Lucius jumps to the target location, dealing damage and stunning enemies in a small area. He can jump twice in a row, but the second jump has a longer cooldown.
    • R: Awakening. Lucius deactivates his Awakened mode, transforming back to his normal appearance and gaining access to his normal abilities. He also gains a burst of Nanite Charge and resets the cooldowns of his Awakened abilities. He can use this skill again to activate his Awakened mode.
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As you can see, Lucius has a very versatile and powerful kit, that allows him to adapt to different situations and playstyles. He can be a bursty assassin, a tanky bruiser, or a hybrid of both, depending on how he uses his skills and switches between his modes. He can also use his mobility and crowd control to chase, escape, or engage in fights.

However, he also has some drawbacks and weaknesses. Maintaining his power depends on his Nanite Charge, so he has to use his skills frequently and efficiently. He also requires a lot of practice and mastery, as he has a high skill cap. Enemies who can disrupt, silence, or burst him down can easily counter him. He is not a beginner-friendly character.


Lucius has a very distinctive and striking appearance, especially when he transforms into his Awakened mode. Here is what he looks like in both modes:

  • Normal Mode
    • Lucius wears a white lab coat, a black shirt, and black pants. He has short black hair and a pair of glasses. He carries a device on his left arm, which he uses to inject himself with Nanites and activate his skills. He also has a Nanite blade attached to his right arm, which he uses as a weapon.
    • Lucius has a calm and composed demeanor and speaks with a confident and authoritative voice. He often makes scientific references and observations and shows a keen interest in the Nanites and their effects. He also has a hidden agenda and a dark side that he conceals from others.
  • Awakened Mode
    • Lucius undergoes a drastic change when he activates his Awakened mode. His skin turns pale, his eyes glow red, and his hair becomes longer and spikier. He also grows a pair of horns and a pair of wings. His clothes are torn and shredded, and his device and blade are fused with his body. He is surrounded by a dark aura of Nanites, which he can manipulate and shape at will.
    • Lucius also changes his personality and voice when he transforms. He becomes more aggressive and ruthless and speaks with a distorted and menacing tone. He often taunts and mocks his enemies, and shows a sadistic and bloodthirsty side. He also reveals his true motives, and his desire to destroy everything and everyone.
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Release Date

The release date of the Awakened Lucius update is not yet confirmed, but it is expected to be sometime in the first quarter of 2024. The developers of the game have been teasing and hyping up the update for months, and have recently released a trailer and a gameplay video that showcase the Awakened Lucius in action. You can watch them here:

  • Trailer
  • Gameplay

The update will also include other features and improvements, such as new items, new maps, new modes, and bug fixes. The developers have also promised to balance and tweak the Awakened Lucius based on the feedback and suggestions of the players, to ensure that he is fun and fair to play with and against.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Awakened Lucius update, and their answers:

Q: How do I unlock the Awakened Lucius?

    • A: You can unlock the Awakened Lucius by completing a special quest that will be available in the game after the update. The quest will require you to play as Lucius and complete certain objectives and challenges. Once you finish the quest, you will be able to use the Awakened Lucius in the game.

Q: What are the best items and builds for the Awakened Lucius?

    • A: The best items and builds for the Awakened Lucius depend on your playstyle and preference, but here are some general guidelines and suggestions:
      • For a bursty assassin build, you want to focus on items that increase your damage, penetration, and cooldown reduction. Some examples are Rapier, Glove, Sword of Justice, Sword of the Apocalypse, and Sword of the End.
      • For a tanky bruiser build, you want to focus on items that increase your durability, sustain, and utility. Some examples are Chain Armor, Shield, Bloodwing, Guardian Armor, and Guardian Wings.
      • For a hybrid build, you want to balance between damage and defense and choose items that suit your situation and enemy composition. Some examples are Sword of the Dawn, Sword of the Dusk, Sword of the Night, Sword of the Day, and Sword of the Twilight.
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Q: What are the best strategies and tips for playing the Awakened Lucius?

    • A: The best strategies and tips for playing the Awakened Lucius are as follows:
      • Use your skills wisely and efficiently to maintain your Nanite Charge and switch between your modes. You can use your normal mode to poke, harass, and farm, and your Awakened mode to burst, kill, and escape.
      • Be aware of your surroundings and your enemies. You can use your mobility and crowd control to avoid or initiate fights, but you can also be vulnerable to enemy ambushes or ganks. You can also use your vision and map awareness to find and hunt down isolated or low-health enemies.
      • Be flexible and adaptable to your situation and enemy composition. You can choose different items and builds to suit your playstyle and preference, but you can also adjust them according to the game state and the enemy threats. You can also use different strategies and tactics to counter or exploit your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new about the Awakened Lucius. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to leave them below. And don’t forget to check out the game and try out the Awakened Lucius for yourself when he comes out. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next one! ????

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