‘BBNaija’ star Omashola: “I’m literally the best father in the world.”

He aims to provide his son with all the things he never had during his own upbringing.

Omashola and his son

Omashola Oburoh, a former Big Brother Naija star, recently shared his thoughts on fatherhood and his personal journey. During a guest appearance on Hero Daniels‘ podcast after being evicted from the Big Brother All Stars show, he emphasized his determination to break the cycle of generational trauma between fathers and sons.

Omashola described his experience of fatherhood as a beautiful one, highlighting that because he grew up without his biological father, he is committed to doing things differently for his own son, ensuring he receives all the things he missed out on during his own upbringing.

He expressed, “Fatherhood is a beautiful experience. Growing up, I didn’t have the privilege of being raised by my biological father due to family issues. However, my uncle, who is actually my dad in every sense, took me in as his own. This experience opened my eyes to many things. While I won’t claim to be the world’s best father, I believe I’m among the best, and that’s because I strive to provide my son with everything my own father never gave me.”

Omashola went on to describe the differences in his approach to parenting compared to how he was raised by his uncle. He emphasized that he gives his son extra attention, consistently prays for him, and openly expresses his love for him—things that were different from his own upbringing. He also mentioned his dedication to teaching his son how to love and appreciate his father.

“I’m making an effort to show the love I missed out on and pay attention to the things I wished had been given to me in the past. I’m always there for my son, ready to help whenever he needs it. I tell him ‘I love you’ regularly, which is quite different from our generation, where saying ‘I love you’ to our fathers was uncommon. I want to instill in my son the importance of loving and respecting his father,” he continued.

Omashola made a unique proposal to his longtime girlfriend in 2021 and shared the joyous news on Instagram. He proposed underwater, and the couple welcomed their son, Eyitemi Daniel Oburoh, into the world on Friday, February 11, 2022. Their adorable son is now a year old.

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