Destiny Etiko: The Dramadoll of Nollywood

If you are a fan of Nollywood movies, you must have heard of Destiny Etiko, the talented and beautiful actress who has starred in over 50 films. She is popularly known as the Dramadoll, a nickname she earned for her expressive and captivating performances. But how much do you really know about her? In this blog post, we will reveal some interesting facts about Destiny Etiko, including her phone number, biography, net worth, and more. Read on to find out!

Who is Destiny Etiko?

Destiny Etiko’s

Destiny Etiko is a Nigerian actress and social media personality who was born on August 12, 1989, in Udi, a village in Enugu State, Nigeria. She is the second child of four siblings. She attended primary and secondary schools in Enugu State, and later obtained a degree in Theatre Arts from Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Anambra State. She joined the Nollywood industry in 2011, when she was 22 years old, and made her debut in a movie titled Twin Brothers. However, her breakthrough came in 2014, when she played the role of Ekemma in the movie Idemili, which earned her a nomination for the Most Promising Actress of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards. Since then, she has featured in many popular movies, such as The Prince and I, Virgin Goddess, Sound of Evil, My Private Part, and more. She has also won several awards, such as the Viewers’ Choice Award at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards in 2016, and the Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Golden Movie Awards in 2018.

What is Destiny Etiko’s Phone Number?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Destiny Etiko is her phone number. Many fans want to contact her and express their admiration and support. However, Destiny Etiko’s phone number is not publicly available, and we cannot disclose it without her consent. However, there are other ways to reach out to her, such as through her social media accounts or her management. Her Instagram handle is @destinyetikoofficial, where she has over 5 million followers. Her Twitter handle is [@Destinyetiko1], where she has over 100k followers. She also has a YouTube channel, where she posts vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos of her movies. You can subscribe to her channel [here].

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What is Destiny Etiko’s Net Worth?

Another common question about Destiny Etiko is her net worth. How much does she earn from her acting career and endorsements? According to various sources, Destiny Etiko’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million USD as of 2024. She makes most of her income from acting, as she charges between N500,000 and N1 million per movie. She also earns from brand endorsements and advertisements. She is the brand ambassador of Kesie Virgin Hair, an online hair store, and Adonko Bitters, a herbal drink. She also owns a non-profit organization called the Destiny Etiko Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of people living in poverty.

What is Destiny Etiko’s Relationship Status?

Many fans are curious about Destiny Etiko’s relationship status. Is she married, single, or dating someone? Well, the answer is not so clear, as Destiny Etiko likes to keep her personal life private. She has never confirmed or denied any rumors about her love life. However, there have been some speculations and controversies surrounding her romantic affairs. Some of the celebrities that have been linked to her are:

  • Ken Erics: Ken Erics is a fellow Nollywood actor who has worked with Destiny Etiko in several movies. They have a good chemistry on screen, and some fans have speculated that they are more than friends. However, both of them have denied any romantic involvement, and Ken Erics is reportedly married to another woman.
  • Zubby Michael: Zubby Michael is another Nollywood actor who has a close friendship with Destiny Etiko. They often hang out together and post pictures and videos on social media. Some fans have suggested that they are dating, but they have also denied any romance, and claimed that they are just friends and colleagues.
  • Jack Rich: Jack Rich is a billionaire businessman and philanthropist who is the founder and CEO of Belema Oil Producing Limited. He is also the husband of Elizabeth Jack-Rich, a fashion designer and entrepreneur. In 2021, Destiny Etiko posted some pictures of herself posing with a brand new Land Cruiser Prado, which she said was a birthday gift from a mystery man. Some people alleged that the mystery man was Jack Rich, and that he was having an affair with Destiny Etiko. However, both Jack Rich and Destiny Etiko dismissed the rumors, and said that they have never met each other.
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What are some of Destiny Etiko’s Movies?

Destiny Etiko has a prolific and diverse filmography, spanning different genres and themes. She has played various roles, from royalty to village girl, from comedy to drama, from action to romance. Some of her most notable movies are:

  • Idemili: This is the movie that catapulted Destiny Etiko to fame and recognition. It is an epic movie that tells the story of a princess who is cursed by the goddess Idemili for disobeying her rules. Destiny Etiko plays the role of Ekemma, the princess’s maid, who is loyal and brave. The movie was produced by Ernest Obi and directed by Nonso Emekaekwue.
  • The Prince and I: This is a romantic comedy movie that follows the love story of a prince and a commoner. Destiny Etiko plays the role of Adaeze, a poor but hardworking girl who falls in love with Prince Chibuzor, played by Jerry Williams. The movie was produced by Uchenna Mbunabo and directed by Chidi Anyanwu.
  • Virgin Goddess: This is a fantasy movie that revolves around a mysterious girl who possesses supernatural powers. Destiny Etiko plays the role of Olaedo, the virgin goddess, who is worshipped by a village. The movie was produced by Uchenna Mbunabo and directed by Chidi Anyanwu.
  • Sound of Evil: This is a horror movie that explores the theme of witchcraft and occultism. Destiny Etiko plays the role of Nneka, a young lady who is initiated into a cult by her aunt, played by Patience Ozokwor. The movie was produced by Uchenna Mbunabo and directed by Chidi Anyanwu.
  • My Private Part: This is a drama movie that deals with the issue of sexual abuse and trauma. Destiny Etiko plays the role of Stella, a rape victim who struggles to cope with the aftermath of her ordeal. The movie was produced by Uchenna Mbunabo and directed by Chidi Anyanwu.
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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Destiny Etiko and their answers:

  • Q: Does Destiny Etiko have a child?
    • A: No, Destiny Etiko does not have a child. There have been some rumors that she has a baby, but she has never confirmed or denied them.
  • Q: Is Destiny Etiko’s mother an actress?
    • A: No, Destiny Etiko’s mother is not an actress. She is a teacher and a businesswoman. However, she supported Destiny Etiko’s decision to become an actress, unlike her father, who was initially opposed to it.
  • Q: How old is Destiny Etiko?
    • A: Destiny Etiko is 34 years old as of 2024. She was born on August 12, 1989.
  • Q: What is Destiny Etiko’s height and weight?
    • A: Destiny Etiko is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 70 kg. She has a curvy and attractive figure, which she often flaunts on social media.
  • Q: What is Destiny Etiko’s Instagram handle?
    • A: Destiny Etiko’s Instagram handle is @destinyetikoofficial. She has over 5 million followers on the platform.


Destiny Etiko is one of the most popular and successful actresses in Nollywood. She has a loyal fan base and a remarkable career. She is also a philanthropist and a social media influencer. She is an inspiration to many young and aspiring actors and actresses. She is a true dramadoll and a star. We hope you enjoyed this blog post about Destiny Etiko Phone Number and Biography. If you did, please share it with your friends and leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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