Federal Government Allocates N23.48 Billion for Lawmakers’ Accommodation Expenses

Reports suggest that the Federal Government is expected to allocate approximately N23.48 billion for housing allowances to members of the National Assembly during their four-year tenure. It is estimated that an annual expenditure of around N5.87 billion will be dedicated to providing accommodation for lawmakers, resulting in a total expenditure of N23.48 billion over the course of their tenure.

The information regarding these allowances is based on data obtained from the website of the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Allocation Commission (RMAFC), as reported by The Punch. The allowances encompass various categories, including accommodation (200% of basic salary), domestic staff (75% of basic salary), utilities (30% of basic salary), house maintenance (5% of basic salary), wardrobe (25% of basic salary), and furniture (300% of basic salary).

Specific details regarding the housing allowances of the 107 Senators, excluding the Senate President and Deputy Senate President, were not disclosed by the RMAFC. However, it is estimated that their housing allowances will cost approximately N1.38 billion annually. While furniture allowances are typically paid once every four years for public office holders, the frequency of payment for National Assembly members is not specified.

For members of the House of Representatives, their housing allowances are expected to amount to N4.49 billion per year. A breakdown of the allocation includes N3.97 million for accommodation, N1.48 million for domestic staff, N595,563.75 for utilities, N99,260.62 for house maintenance, N496,303.12 for wardrobe allowance, and N5.96 million for furniture allowance.

It is important to note that the allowances of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Senate President, and Deputy Senate President were not disclosed by the RMAFC, indicating that the total amount mentioned only covers allowances for the 356 House of Representatives members. As a result, the N5.87 billion allocated may not reflect the entire housing allowance disbursed to members of the National Assembly on an annual basis.

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