Guaranteed Top High Ticket Best Sales Funnel for Coaches

What is high-ticket coaching

As a coach, you know that high-ticket coaching products can be the recipe for a profitable, heck even lucrative, coaching business.

Guaranteed Top High Ticket Best Sales Funnel for Coaches

If you’re tired of giving your best stuff away for way less than it’s worth, a high-ticket product might be just the ticket (Sorry – couldn’t resist). In this blog post, we’ll talk about one of the tried-and-true methods: funnels. We’ll walk you through the basics of sales funnels for coaches, and give you a step-by-step guide to build a high-ticket coaching funnel that actually sells your offer.

Step 1: Identify your Ideal Client

The first step to any coaching funnel, long before you get to the actual building, is to know who it’s for. A funnel without an ideal client will waste your advertising dollars and might bring in the wrong people. So decide clearly who your ideal client is. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they do? What are their likes and dislikes? What are they passionate about? You can even build an avatar of this ideal client – sketch a little picture of them and give them a name! It’s great exercise. Here are some examples of what a razor-sharp image of your Ideal Client looks like.

  • People who are unhappy in their job (Too Broad) – Millennial women who want to break into management roles for the first time (Better!)
  • People who want to lose weight (Too Broad) – Middle-aged men who want to start weight lifting for the first time (Better!)
  • People who are starting a business (Too Broad) – Locally-owned, small businesses that want to generate new customers from Facebook ads (Better!)

You can’t create a great funnel until you know who it’s for. One other important thing to ask is – who can afford high-ticket coaching? When you’re selling a high-ticket product, you should also think about income. Selling a $2,000 career coaching program to people who are currently unemployed might not work. You might decide that you are going to go for clients who currently make over $100k/year. Ultimately, it’s up to you. But an ideal client is always someone who can afford to buy.

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Step 2: Reach into your story

The second secret to serving these ideal clients is to reach into your story. Why are you the best person to help them? Often it’s these types of stories, not the great offer, that really make a funnel work.

Step 3: Create Your Offer

Now that you know who your ideal client is and why you’re the best person to help them, it’s time to create your offer. This is where things get exciting! You’re going to create something that will change people’s lives.

Step 4: Build Your Funnel

Now that you have your offer and know exactly who it’s for, it’s time to build your funnel. Here are some steps:

  1. Create Your Landing Page: A landing page is where people land when they click on an ad or link.
  2. Create Your Thank You Page: This page should thank people for signing up and tell them what happens next.
  3. Create Your Email Sequence: This sequence should be designed to nurture your leads and turn them into customers.
  4. Create Your Sales Page: This page should sell your product or service.
  5. Create Your Order Form: This form should be easy to use and secure.
  6. Create Your Upsell Page: This page should offer additional products or services.

Step 5: Drive Traffic

Now that you have your funnel built, it’s time to drive traffic! Here are some ways:

  1. Facebook Ads: Facebook ads can be targeted very specifically.
  2. Google Ads: Google ads can be targeted by keyword.
  3. SEO: Search engine optimization can help drive organic traffic.
  4. Social Media: Social media can help drive traffic if used correctly.

Why do Coaches Need a Sales Funnel?

Why do Coaches Need a Sales Funnel?

Coaches need a sales funnel for several reasons. A sales funnel is a fundamental building block of any good marketing strategy. It includes every step of the journey your client takes before converting into a paying client. Every person who interacts with your coaching business is a part of a funnel. Think of sales funnels, or marketing funnels, as an overarching strategy to maximize your conversion rate and bring more value to your business.

A sales funnel can help coaches:

  • Grow their business: A well-designed funnel is essential to all marketing campaigns. Therefore, coaches use them to build effective marketing funnels.
  • Attract more clients: A coaching sales funnel is the perfect lead-generation tool to help attract people to your coaching program and convert leads into paying clients .
  • Maximize their potential: Consulting and coaching services have soared in popularity in recent years, making it harder than ever to stand out among the crowd. A sales funnel can help you break through the noise online, effectively market your coaching business, and maximize your potential.
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In conclusion, building a high-ticket coaching funnel takes time and effort but it’s worth it in the end if done correctly. By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a funnel that will attract your ideal clients and sell your high-ticket product or service with ease.

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