Guidelines and Expenses for Changing Name on Nigerian Passport

Updating Your Nigerian Passport Name: Guidelines & Expenses 

The Nigerian passport is a paramount document for international travel, mandating accurate and current information. In this piece, we delve into the requisites and costs for altering a name on the Nigerian passport. The discussion encompasses the procedure, necessary documentation, associated fees, as well as processing duration and other essential insights tied to the process.

Nigerian Passport Name Modification: Prerequisites & Fees

Nigeria, a prominent West African nation, boasts a sophisticated passport system of great significance. For Nigerian citizens, the passport represents a pivotal identification tool, an imperative for global travel. Consequently, the government of Nigeria enforces stringent regulations governing alterations to the name registered on the passport. This article elaborates on the prerequisites for executing a change of name on a Nigerian passport.

Foremost, it’s crucial to underscore that modifying a name on a Nigerian passport is viable exclusively if the applicant has undergone an official legal name change. This mandates the applicant to have completed the name change process through recognized channels, such as the legal system or governmental procedures. In specific scenarios, a marriage certificate or divorce decree might suffice for this purpose.

Upon successful completion of the legal name change process, applicants are required to present their Nigerian passport along with the requisite documents to the Nigerian Immigration Service. These documents encompass a duly filled application form, the original marriage certificate or divorce decree (as applicable), and two current passport-sized photographs.

Typically, the passport will be reissued to reflect the updated name. However, if the legal recognition of the name alteration is not established, the applicant might need to initiate the application for a fresh passport. This undertaking involves a distinct application form, two recent passport-sized photographs, and an official letter from the court or relevant governmental body validating the name change.

In both scenarios, the Nigerian Immigration Service will assess the application along with the accompanying documents to determine whether a new passport should be issued. Following approval, the newly issued passport will be dispatched to the applicant via mail.

To summarize, the prerequisites for a Nigerian passport name change are stringent. Legal proof of the name change is imperative for the reissuance of the passport with the updated name. If the alteration lacks legal recognition, obtaining a new passport becomes necessary. In either scenario, the Nigerian Immigration Service conducts a thorough assessment to decide on passport issuance.

A Comprehensive Guide to Changing Your Nigerian Passport Name

If you find yourself needing to change your name on your Nigerian passport, the process is relatively straightforward. Below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to assist you throughout the procedure.

Step 1: Compile Required Documents

For a successful Nigerian passport name change, ensure you possess the following documents:

  • Your current Nigerian passport
  • A fully filled application form
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • A valid identification form (e.g., driver’s license or national ID card)
  • Documentation substantiating the name change, if applicable

Step 2: Lodge Your Application

Once you have all the necessary documents, proceed to submit your application at the Nigerian Embassy or High Commission. This can be done in person or via mail.

Step 3: Settle the Fees

The charges for a Nigerian passport name change differ based on the passport type you seek. Ensure you have the appropriate fees ready when submitting your application.

Step 4: Await Your Reissued Passport

Once your application has been received, processed, and approved, your reissued passport will be dispatched to you. This process typically spans up to 4 weeks.

Step 5: Renew Your Updated Passport

Upon obtaining your new Nigerian passport with the amended name, it’s imperative to initiate the renewal process before its expiration. The renewal process is akin to the one elucidated earlier.

Changing Your Name on the Nigerian Passport: Cost Overview

The expenses tied to modifying a name on a Nigerian passport are contingent upon the passport category and the specific requisites stipulated by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

For a standard Nigerian passport, the cost of effecting a name change stands at N25,000 (approximately $67). This fee is nonrefundable and can be paid in cash or via card to the NIS.

For a diplomatic Nigerian passport, the charge for changing a name amounts to N50,000 (approximately $134). Similar to the standard passport, this fee is nonrefundable and can be settled in cash or through card payment to the NIS.

In both instances, applicants will need to provide supplementary documentation to facilitate a successful name change on their passport. These documents encompass a birth certificate, a court-issued order, a police report, as well as other forms of identification.

Moreover, apart from the base fee, applicants might also have to consider an extra expense for expedited passport services, if accessible. This accelerated service could entail an additional cost of N20,000 (about $54).

Please be aware that the expenses tied to altering a name on a Nigerian passport may be subject to variation contingent upon the specific prerequisites outlined by the NIS. Prospective applicants are advised to reach out to their nearest immigration office to obtain more detailed information.

Modifying Your Nigerian Passport Name in the UK

For Nigerians residing in the UK aiming to effect a name change on their Nigerian passport, the procedure mirrors that of individuals in Nigeria. The process commences by acquiring a legal court order sanctioning the name change. Subsequently, this court order must be submitted to the Nigerian Embassy in the UK. Following this submission, the Embassy will initiate the issuance of a new passport bearing the updated name.

When submitting your application to the Embassy, the following documents will be required:

The original court order authenticating the name change

  • Your existing Nigerian passport
  • A completed application form
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • The appropriate fee

Upon the Embassy’s review and acceptance of your application, a fresh passport carrying your modified name will be provided.

In conclusion

By diligently following these steps, you can effectively accomplish the name change on your Nigerian passport. Remember that this procedure might require a certain amount of time, so it’s prudent to plan ahead and ensure you have all the requisite documents and fees prepared. Best of luck in your endeavors!

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