How Amber Heard Went From Texas Beauty Queen to Hollywood Starlet (And Made Millions Along the Way)

Amber Heard is one of the most talked-about actresses in Hollywood right now, and not just because of her roles in blockbuster films like Aquaman and Justice League. The 35-year-old star has also been making headlines for her tumultuous personal life, including her divorce from Johnny Depp, her legal battles with him, and her activism for human rights and LGBTQ causes.

But how did Amber Heard go from a small-town girl in Texas to a glamorous and wealthy celebrity? And how much is she really worth? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Amber Heard’s net worth, how she built her fortune, and what she spends her money on.

Amber Heard’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Amber Heard has a net worth of $500,000 as of 2024. This is a significant drop from the several million dollars she had prior to the defamation settlement with Johnny Depp in 2022. The actress, who starred in films like Aquaman and The Rum Diary, also faced a legal battle with Depp over domestic violence and libel claims.

The defamation trial, which was broadcast live and involved a number of high-profile witnesses, featured painful accusations of domestic abuse from both sides. The jury mostly sided with Depp and ordered Heard to pay him $15 million in damages, while Depp had to pay Heard $2 million. The net result is roughly $8.35 million in damages owed by Heard to Depp.

It’s not clear if Heard’s insurance would cover the damages or if the damages could be reduced on appeal. If not, it’s likely that Heard would struggle to afford the damages, as her income from acting has been relatively modest compared to Depp’s.

Amber Heard’s Career

Amber Heard began her acting career in 2003, appearing in music videos and TV shows like Jack & Bobby and The O.C. Making her film debut in 2004, Amber Heard had a minor role in the sports drama Friday Night Lights. She then had supporting roles in films like Drop Dead Sexy, North Country, Alpha Dog, and Pineapple Express.

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Her first leading role was in the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2006 but was not released in the US until 2013. She also starred in films like The Ward, Drive Angry, and London Fields, as well as TV shows like Hidden Palms and The Stand.

Playing Mera, the love interest of Aquaman, in the DC Extended Universe, she gained more recognition and fame. She first appeared in Justice League in 2017 and then reprised her role in Aquaman in 2018, which grossed over $1 billion worldwide. She is set to return as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is scheduled for release in 2023.

Some of her other notable films include The Rum Diary, in which she met Johnny Depp, The Danish Girl, Magic Mike XXL, and 3 Days to Kill. She has also been a model and a spokesperson for brands like L’Oreal and Guess.

According to IMDb, Heard earned $1 million for her first Aquaman film, and $2 million for the second one. She also earned $200,000 per episode of The Stand, and previously had a $1.625 million two-year contract with L’Oreal. Her highest-earning year was 2019, when she made $3 million.

Amber Heard’s Lifestyle

Known for her glamorous and adventurous lifestyle, Amber Heard has traveled to many countries, including Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, and Cambodia. She is also a philanthropist and an activist, working with organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, the United Nations Human Rights Office, and Amnesty International.

Cars and motorcycles are her passion, and she owns a 1968 Ford Mustang and a 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL. She also has a collection of guns, including a.357 Magnum and a shotgun.

A penthouse apartment in Los Angeles, which she bought for $1.5 million in 2016, is where she lives. She also owns a ranch in Texas, where she grew up riding horses and hunting with her father.

In April 2021, she welcomed her daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, who was born via a surrogate. She has dated several celebrities, including Tasya van Ree, Elon Musk, and Bianca Butti.

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Amber Heard’s Controversies

Amber Heard has been involved in several controversies and scandals throughout her career, some of which have tarnished her reputation and image. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • In 2009, Heard was arrested for domestic violence against her then-girlfriend, Tasya van Ree, at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. She allegedly grabbed van Ree’s arm and struck her in the neck. However, the case was later dropped due to lack of evidence.
  • In 2015, Heard and Depp were accused of smuggling their two dogs, Pistol and Boo, into Australia without proper quarantine procedures. They faced a possible 10-year jail sentence or a fine of up to $265,000. They later apologized in a video that was widely mocked for its awkwardness and insincerity.
  • In 2016, Heard filed for divorce from Depp, and obtained a temporary restraining order against him, alleging that he had physically and verbally abused her throughout their relationship. She also released photos and videos of her injuries and Depp’s alleged violent behavior. Depp denied the allegations and claimed that Heard was lying and trying to extort him. They eventually reached a $7 million settlement, which Heard vowed to donate to charity.
  • In 2018, Heard wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post, in which she spoke about her experience as a survivor of domestic abuse and the backlash she faced from the public and the media. She did not mention Depp by name, but implied that he was the abuser. Depp sued her for defamation, seeking $50 million in damages. He claimed that Heard’s op-ed was part of a “hoax” to advance her career and that he was the victim of her abuse.
  • In 2020, a UK court ruled in favor of Depp in his libel case against The Sun, a British tabloid that had called him a “wife-beater” in reference to his marriage with Heard. The judge found that most of the allegations of abuse made by Heard were “substantially true” and that Depp had assaulted her on at least 12 occasions. Depp appealed the ruling, but it was rejected by the Court of Appeal.
  • In 2021, Heard faced backlash from some fans who wanted her to be fired from the Aquaman sequel, citing her alleged abuse and lies against Depp. A petition on to remove her from the film garnered over 1.8 million signatures. However, Warner Bros. confirmed that Heard would reprise her role as Mera, and Heard dismissed the petition as a “paid campaign.”.
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  • Q: Is Amber Heard still married to Johnny Depp?

  • A: No, they divorced in 2017, after 15 months of marriage. They have since accused each other of domestic abuse and engaged in two defamation lawsuits, one in the UK and one in the US.
  • Q: How much did Amber Heard donate to charity?

  • A: Amber Heard pledged to donate the $7 million she received from her divorce settlement with Johnny Depp to the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. However, Depp’s legal team claimed that she failed to fulfill her vow, and that it was a “calculated and manipulative lie” to sway court opinion. Heard’s lawyer, however, said that she has already donated $950,000 to the ACLU and $850,000 to the hospital, and that she intends to donate the full amount eventually.
  • Q: What is Amber Heard’s next project?

  • A: Amber Heard is currently filming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to the 2018 superhero film Aquaman. She will reprise her role as Mera, the queen of Atlantis and the love interest of Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa. The film is directed by James Wan and is expected to be released in December 2023.


Amber Heard is a talented and beautiful actress who has starred in many films and TV shows, especially in the DC Extended Universe. She has also been a model, a spokesperson, and an activist for various causes. However, she has also faced a lot of controversy and criticism for her personal life, especially her divorce and legal battles with Johnny Depp. Her net worth has suffered as a result of the defamation settlement with Depp, which could affect her future career prospects. Nevertheless, she remains a popular and influential figure in Hollywood, and has a loyal fan base who supports her.

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