How to Get MTN Hourly Bundle and Download Everything

You’ve been hoping to download that new movie or hotly anticipated game, but your data bundle just won’t cut it. Never fear, MTN Hourly Bundle is here. For a small fee, you can gain access to lightning-fast data speeds for a full hour, allowing you to download anything and everything you’ve been itching to get your hands on. Activating the MTN Hourly Bundle is quick and easy. Simply dial 1231#, select Data Services, choose Hourly Bundle, pick your preferred data amount, and get downloading. Within seconds, you’ll have an hour of unlimited data at your fingertips to stream, browse, and download to your heart’s content. Make the most of your hour and get everything you need with MTN Hourly Bundle. The future of downloading is here.

What Is MTN Hourly Bundle?

The MTN Hourly Bundle is a data bundle offered by MTN that provides fast internet access for downloads and streaming on the go. To activate the MTN Hourly Bundle:

  1. Dial *131# and select the “Data Bundles” option.
  2. Choose the “Hourly Bundles” option.
  3. Select a bundle size. The options include:
  4. 500MB for NGN200 valid for 1 hour
  5. 1.5GB for NGN500 valid for 2 hours
  6. 3GB for NGN1000 valid for 3 hours
  7. Review and confirm your selection. Your data bundle should be activated immediately.

The MTN Hourly Bundle provides an affordable way to get a large amount of data for a short period of time. Whether you need to download software updates, stream a movie or TV show, or get work done on the go, the MTN Hourly Bundle has you covered. Once your time is up or you’ve used all the data in your bundle, your connection speed will reduce. You will need to purchase another bundle to continue enjoying fast speeds.

To check your data bundle balance and expiry, dial 131# and select “My MTNNG”. Your data bundle details will be displayed. You can also dial 559# to view your data usage so you know how much of your bundle is left.

The MTN Hourly Bundle offers an easy way to get ultra-fast data when you need it at an affordable price. Stay connected and enjoy greater flexibility with MTN Hourly Bundles.

How the MTN Hourly Bundle Works

To activate the MTN Hourly Bundle and enjoy massive downloads, simply follow these steps:

  1. Dial *131# to access the MTN menu or open the MyMTN app on your phone.
  2. Select ‘Data Bundles’ or ‘Internet Bundles’ option.
  3. Choose the ‘Hourly Bundle’ option.
  4. Select your desired bundle size – 50MB, 100MB, 200MB or 1GB. The bundles are valid for 1 hour each.

The MTN Hourly Bundle allows you to browse, stream, and download as much as you want within the hour. Once you activate the bundle, you have 60 minutes to utilize the full data allocation. Any unused data will not roll over to the next hour.

To check your bundle balance and expiration time, dial *131# and select ‘My Bundle Balance’ or open the MyMTN app. The bundle timer will begin as soon as the bundle is activated. You will receive an SMS notification once 80% of the bundle has been used as well as when it expires.

For the best experience, choose a bundle size suitable for your needs. The 1GB Hourly Bundle is ideal for downloading movies, music, and large files. Smaller bundles like 50MB or 100MB are better for basic browsing and streaming.

To deactivate auto-renewal of the Hourly Bundle, dial *131# and select ‘Cancel Bundle Renewal’ at least 30 minutes before the current bundle expires. You can also cancel the renewal via the MyMTN app.

With the MTN Hourly Bundle, you have the freedom to download whatever you want, whenever you want at an affordable rate. Enjoy your massive downloads!

The Benefits of Activating the MTN Hourly Bundle

Activating the MTN Hourly Bundle provides several key benefits for users looking to download large files or stream media on the go.

Cost Effective

The MTN Hourly Bundle allows you to pay only for the specific time you need data access. At just GHS2 for 30 minutes, GHS3 for 1 hour, or GHS5 for 2 hours of unlimited data, this bundle offers an affordable option for temporary heavy data usage without wasting money on a daily or weekly bundle. Only activate the bundle when you have a sizeable download or streaming task, then deactivate it after to avoid incurring additional charges.

Large Data Allowance

With unlimited data for the time period selected, the MTN Hourly Bundle provides more than enough data to complete most downloading and streaming needs. Whether you need to update software, download work or study materials, stream music or videos, or any other data-intensive task, this bundle has you covered for a fixed time period.

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Flexible Activation

The MTN Hourly Bundle can be activated at any time as needed. Simply dial *170# and select the “Hourly Bundle” option to choose your desired time period. The data will become available instantly for you to use. You can reactivate the bundle as often as needed, and the data usage will reset with each new activation.

Deactivate Easily

To avoid unwanted charges, be sure to deactivate the MTN Hourly Bundle once you have completed your downloads or streaming. Dial *170# again, select “Hourly Bundle” and choose the “Deactivate” option. Your data access will end immediately until the next time you activate the bundle. Staying on top of deactivation is key to using this bundle cost effectively.

With affordable, ample data and the flexibility to activate and deactivate as needed, the MTN Hourly Bundle offers an ideal solution for temporary heavy downloading and streaming needs. Take advantage of this bundle and all it provides to complete your important data tasks.

How Much Does the MTN Hourly Bundle Cost?

The MTN Hourly Bundle allows you to subscribe to hourly data bundles that provide large amounts of data for downloading anything you need, whether it’s movies, music, games or other files. The bundle comes in different sizes to suit your needs and budget.

How Much Does the MTN Hourly Bundle Cost?

MTN offers the Hourly Bundle in various sizes at different price points:

  • The Small Bundle provides 3GB of data for N300 and is valid for 3 hours. This is suitable for downloading a few movies, songs or other small to mid-sized files.
  • The Medium Bundle offers 8GB of data for N500, valid for 8 hours. This would allow you to download several HD movies, a large collection of music, or other files.
  • The Large Bundle provides 15GB of data for N1000 and is valid for 15 hours. With this much data, you can download just about anything you need for entertainment and productivity.
  • The Jumbo Bundle offers a whopping 30GB of data for N2000, valid for 24 hours. This is ideal if you have an enormous amount of downloading to do, such as downloading your entire music library or a large collection of 4K movies.

To subscribe to the MTN Hourly Bundle, simply:

  1. Dial 1311# and select ‘Hourly Bundle’
  2. Choose your desired bundle size
  3. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase using airtime or mobile money
  4. Your purchased data bundle will be activated immediately
  5. You can check your bundle balance and expiry by dialing 1314#

The MTN Hourly Bundle provides an affordable way to get a large amount of data for any downloading needs on an as-needed basis. With bundle sizes for any requirement and budget, you’ll have no issues downloading anything and everything you want.

The Difference Between MTN Hourly Bundle and MTN Daily/Weekly/Monthly Bundles

The MTN Hourly Bundle provides you with a large data allocation for a fixed period of one hour. In contrast, MTN’s Daily, Weekly and Monthly bundles offer data allocations over 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days respectively.

Differences in Validity Period

The validity period refers to the time duration within which you can use the data allocation in a bundle. The MTN Hourly Bundle is only valid for 60 minutes after activation, while the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles are valid for the longer periods of 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days correspondingly.

Data Allocation Size

The MTN Hourly Bundle typically provides a larger data allocation than the Daily, Weekly or Monthly Bundles for the same price. For example, the MTN Hourly Bundle may offer 1GB of data for just NGN50, while the Daily Bundle provides only 500MB for the same NGN50. The larger allocation in the Hourly Bundle allows you to download more content like videos, music, games, apps, and stream media within the 60-minute validity period.


The MTN Hourly Bundle is more suitable if you have a lot of content to download within a short period and want access to faster data speeds to complete the downloads before the validity period elapses. The Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles are better options if you need data for regular web browsing, social media, emails, and chat over a longer duration.


While the MTN Hourly Bundle provides a bigger data allocation, it may cost slightly more for the same period as the longer-validity Daily, Weekly or Monthly Bundles. However, the Hourly Bundle could work out more affordable if you frequently reactivate bundles or have high data demands only for short bursts.

To conclude, the MTN Hourly Bundle and the Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bundles are suited for different needs. Evaluate your data requirements and usage patterns to determine which bundle option is right for you.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Activating the MTN Hourly Bundle

To activate the MTN Hourly Bundle and enjoy sizable data downloads, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have an active MTN SIM card and have sufficient airtime balance. The bundle costs NGN50 and will auto-renew every hour until you deactivate it.
  2. Dial 13165# or 55565# and select ‘MTN Hourly Bundle’ from the menu.
  3. You will receive an SMS confirming your subscription to the MTN Hourly Bundle. The bundle offers 100MB of data valid for 1 hour.
  4. You can check your data balance and bundle expiry time by dialing 1314# or 5554#.
  5. The bundle will auto-renew every hour and NGN50 will be deducted from your airtime balance. You will receive an SMS notification for each renewal.
  6. To deactivate the bundle, dial 131650# or 555650#. You will receive an SMS confirming the deactivation.
  7. Any unused data in the current bundle hour will be forfeited once the bundle expires or is deactivated.
  8. The MTN Hourly Bundle data can be used for any internet-related activity like browsing, streaming, chatting and more.
  9. This bundle is available to all MTN subscribers – prepaid and postpaid. However, data usage may be slower on 2G/3G networks. 4G LTE connectivity is recommended for optimal experience.
  10. For more information or assistance, please contact MTN Customer Care.

Activating and utilizing the MTN Hourly Bundle is a simple process using the provided USSD codes. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can promptly gain access to sizable amounts of data on an hourly basis to accomplish your downloading needs. Be sure to keep track of your usage and bundle status to avoid unintended charges or expiry. MTN is committed to providing subscribers affordable and flexible data options to stay connected.

How to Monitor Your MTN Hourly Bundle Data Usage

To make the most of your MTN Hourly Bundle data allocation, it’s important to monitor your usage to avoid surprises. By keeping a close eye on your data consumption, you can adjust your browsing behavior or top up your bundle if needed.

Check your data balance regularly

The easiest way to check your MTN Hourly Bundle data balance is to dial *123# and select ‘Check Bundle Balance’ on your phone. This will display your remaining data in MB or GB as well as the expiry date of your bundle. It’s a good idea to check your balance a few times per hour to ensure you don’t go over your limit.

Disable background data and syncing

Background data and syncing can consume your data without you realizing. Go to Settings > Data usage or Settings > Wi-Fi and data usage on your phone and disable ‘Background data’, ‘Sync data’ and any other options that could update in the background. Only enable them when on Wi-Fi to avoid excess data usage.

Limit streaming and downloading

Streaming video, music and downloading files are major data hogs. Avoid streaming or downloading media when on your MTN Hourly Bundle data. If you do stream, choose a lower video quality which uses less data. Wait until you’re on Wi-Fi to download software updates, apps, podcasts or music.

Disable auto-play

Many apps, websites and platforms auto-play video and audio when you open them. This can quickly eat through your data without interaction. Go into each app’s settings and disable auto-playing media before accessing them on your data. Only enable auto-play when on Wi-Fi.

Consider a data usage warning

If available on your device, set a mobile data usage warning for when you’ve used 50-75% of your MTN Hourly Bundle data allocation. This will alert you before you reach your limit so you can adjust your behavior to avoid extra charges. Check if your phone allows you to set data usage alerts and warnings for specific SIMs or bundles.

By diligently monitoring your MTN Hourly Bundle data usage and making a few small changes to how you access content on your phone, you can get the most out of your bundle and avoid surprise out of bundle charges. Be data conscious and you’ll have a much better experience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues With the MTN Hourly Bundle

At some point, you may encounter issues when trying to activate or use the MTN Hourly Bundle. Here are some common troubleshooting tips to resolve them:

Insufficient Airtime Balance

To activate the bundle, you need to have a minimum airtime balance of NGN100. If you receive an error message saying you have insufficient airtime balance, you simply need to recharge your MTN line with at least NGN100 airtime.

Bundle Not Activating After Recharge

If you recharged your line but the bundle still won’t activate after sometime, the recharge may still be processing or there could be a system delay. Wait for at least 30 minutes and try activating the bundle again. If it still does not activate, contact the MTN customer care helpline to report the issue.

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Data Exhausted Before 1 Hour

The MTN Hourly Bundle provides 1GB of data to use within 1 hour. If your data gets exhausted in less than an hour, it is likely due to high data demanding apps or websites using up the data in the background. Close all apps and disable background data before activating the bundle. You can also set a data limit in your phone settings to avoid overusing the data.

Bundle Not Renewing Automatically

The MTN Hourly Bundle is designed to automatically renew after 1 hour as long as you have sufficient airtime balance. If the bundle does not renew after 1 hour, first check your airtime balance to ensure you have at least NGN100 airtime. If your balance is sufficient, contact the MTN customer care helpline to report the issue as there may be a system error preventing the auto-renewal.

Slow Download Speeds

The MTN network coverage and internet bandwidth in your location can affect download speeds. Try activating the bundle when you have a strong network signal for the best speeds. You may also need to avoid downloading during peak periods when network traffic is highest. If speeds remain slow, report the issue to MTN.

Following these troubleshooting tips should help resolve any issues you face when using the MTN Hourly Bundle. However, for any unresolved issues, contact the MTN customer support for further assistance.

MTN Hourly Bundle FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

To get the most out of MTN Hourly Bundle, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you:

What is MTN Hourly Bundle?

MTN Hourly Bundle is a data bundle offered by MTN that gives you access to high-speed 4G internet on MTN’s network for 60 minutes. It allows you to browse, stream, download and upload at fast speeds.

How much does MTN Hourly Bundle cost?

MTN Hourly Bundle costs NGN50. The bundle will automatically renew itself every 60 minutes until you deactivate it.

How do I activate MTN Hourly Bundle?

To activate MTN Hourly Bundle, dial *461# and select “Activate Hourly Bundle” or send HOURLY to 131. You will receive an SMS confirming your subscription.

How long does MTN Hourly Bundle last?

MTN Hourly Bundle is valid for 60 minutes after activation. The bundle will automatically renew itself every 60 minutes until you deactivate it by dialing *461# and selecting “Deactivate Hourly Bundle”.

What happens if I don’t use the full 60 minutes?

If you do not use the full 60 minutes of your MTN Hourly Bundle before it expires, the unused data will be forfeited. The bundle does not roll over to the next hour. You will need to activate a new bundle to continue browsing.

Can I activate more than one MTN Hourly Bundle at a time?

Yes, you can activate multiple MTN Hourly Bundles to get 60 minutes of uninterrupted fast browsing. However, data does not accumulate or roll over between bundles. Any unused data from the previous bundle is forfeited once a new bundle is activated.

How do I check my MTN Hourly Bundle balance?

To check your remaining MTN Hourly Bundle data balance, dial *123# and select “My Data Bundle Summary”. This will show you how many minutes are left on your current bundle.

How do I deactivate MTN Hourly Bundle?

To deactivate MTN Hourly Bundle, dial *461# and select “Deactivate Hourly Bundle”. You will receive an SMS confirming deactivation of the bundle. Your data access will return to your normal bundle or pay-as-you-go rates.

Conclusion : MTN Hourly Bundle

You now have all the information you need to get started downloading anything you want at an affordable rate. Activating the MTN Hourly Bundle is quick and easy, and in just a few short minutes you’ll have access to fast internet to stream music and video, play online games, or download huge files. The next time you have a long download queue or want to binge your favorite show, don’t hesitate to get the MTN Hourly Bundle. With rates as low as $0.30 per hour, you really can’t go wrong. Stop waiting and start enjoying the internet the way it was meant to be – fast, uninterrupted, and available whenever you need it. The MTN Hourly Bundle gives you the freedom to connect without limits so you can experience more of what you love online.






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