Is Goat Legit or Scam? This Should Be Read Before Purchasing Sneakers from Them

Is buying shoes from GOAT legit

Is GOAT a trustworthy option for purchasing shoes and clothing?

Absolutely, it’s a reputable platform that links sellers with sneaker enthusiasts globally.

Nevertheless, there are some essential details to grasp prior to utilizing the platform for premium footwear.

Are GOAT sneakers authentic? Can you engage in secure buying and selling on this platform?

This piece will address numerous inquiries regarding the legitimacy of GOAT and the platform’s dependability.

Let’s get started.

Is GOAT Legit?

Numerous individuals on the internet are inquiring, “Is GOAT Legit enterprise?”

You’ll be pleased to learn that the company and its website enjoy a strong reputation. It has become a primary choice for individuals engaged in the buying and selling of sneakers, clothing, and accessories.

GOAT was founded in July 2015 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, the platform’s influence has grown significantly, extending its reach to sneaker enthusiasts in more than 170 countries around the globe.

How Does GOAT Work?

Let’s address this upfront – GOAT is not an online retail store but rather operates as a marketplace similar to platforms like Etsy, eBay, and other well-known online marketplaces.

The primary distinction lies in its predominant focus on high-end resale merchandise.

Here’s an overview of how the platform functions:

How Does GOAT Work?

1. Sellers establish an account and list their sneakers for sale on the GOAT platform.

2. Buyers browse through the extensive listings available on the GOAT marketplace.

3. Sellers send their sneakers to a GOAT facility for authentication.

4. Once the sneakers successfully pass the verification process, GOAT handles the shipment to the buyer. In cases where GOAT detects counterfeit items from a seller, they will provide the buyer with a refund in GOAT credit.

GOAT offers a diverse range of footwear, including brand-new rare editions, collector’s shoes, used pairs, and more. However, what they absolutely do not deal in is counterfeit sneakers – only authentic footwear can be bought and sold on GOAT.

Is GOAT a secure platform for making purchases?

Well, I’ll leave that judgment to you. Here are the reasons why buying from GOAT is considered safe:

Buyer Protection Policy:

GOAT has a buyer protection guarantee that strongly favors the buyer. In many instances, GOAT will issue a full refund if your purchase:

1. Proves to be inauthentic.
2. Is incorrect in terms of size, model, or color.
3. Does not match the item description.
4. Is missing a significant feature.

GOAT’s return policy encompasses various categories, including New In Box, New No Box, GOAT Clean, as well as apparel and accessory purchases, provided they remain in the same condition as when initially shipped.

However, it’s essential to note that GOAT does not grant refunds or accept returns for items marked as Final Sale during the checkout process. Additionally, specific item types such as vintage, sample, custom, defective, or pre-release items are not eligible for returns.

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Nevertheless, the return policy is notably comprehensive and accommodating. To initiate a return, simply access the Request Return section in your app and make contact with the company.

When it comes to returning an order with issues as mentioned above, you can reach out via the Orders page on the GOAT app or website and submit a return request. Upon reporting the problem, GOAT will provide you with a shipping label for returning the item. Once GOAT verifies the issue, they will issue a refund in the form of store credit, which you can use for future purchases on the platform.

As for the authenticity verification process, GOAT is indeed authentic and employs a highly effective verification procedure to enhance product certainty.

The process by which GOAT authenticates sneakers involves the seller sending the shoes to a GOAT facility before they reach the buyer. Here, a team of experts conducts a thorough assessment to verify the shoes’ authenticity and confirm that they are in the same condition as described in the listing.

GOAT utilizes multiple methods for authentication, including digital authentication, in-hand verification, and machine learning technology. This comprehensive approach helps ensure the legitimacy of the products.

The platform’s authentication process leverages computer vision to evaluate the authenticity of the shoes. It collects and analyzes numerous data points, enabling GOAT to maintain a substantial database of genuine and counterfeit physical attributes.

If GOAT determines that a product is counterfeit or not as described, they will not proceed with the order shipment and will issue a full refund to the buyer.

Through this assessment process, individuals with questions like, “Are GOAT shoes authentic / real?” can have confidence in the legitimacy and safety of the products.

Certainly, while the system isn’t flawless and incorporates manual elements in the authentication process, customers can still rely on the return policy in case they receive items that do not match their descriptions or are counterfeit.

Protection of Data
When you engage in shopping or selling activities on GOAT, your data remains safeguarded and confidential. The platform’s privacy policy maintains rigorous standards to shield you from common data privacy threats.

As an additional security measure, GOAT conducts reviews of accounts with a performance score below 50 to ensure that members adhere to the highest standards of online security.

Dependable Customer Support

The GOAT customer support team consistently delivers exceptional service. They are readily available to offer top-notch assistance to anyone requiring help with a transaction.

Here are various avenues through which you can access support:

GOAT Support Page

GOAT Support Page

This approach serves as the primary means of communication. All that’s required is completing the form to provide a comprehensive description of your concern, and you can also include images or videos.

To access the form anytime, simply click on the “Submit Request” button located at the page’s top.

For further details regarding GOAT’s products and services, you can explore the GOAT support page. This resource contains responses to commonly asked questions.

GOAT Social Media Pages

If accessing the form proves difficult, consider reaching out to GOAT through its social media platforms. Below are some links for your convenience:

GOAT Social Media Pages

Is GOAT a Good Place To Buy Shoes? Pros and Cons

✅Pros ❌Cons
Guaranteed authentic sneakers Longer shipping time
Rare sneakers Expensive shipping fees
GOAT Clean 8% processing fee for all Instant items
Instant items Potential scams


1. Guaranteed Authentic Footwear — GOAT employs a rigorous authentication process to ensure that every pair of shoes ordered is accurately described and genuinely authentic, establishing the app as a secure platform for purchasing guaranteed genuine sneakers.

2. Rare Sneaker Selection — Are you struggling to find a particular rare shoe pair? GOAT is your best option, boasting a broad collection of rare and limited-edition shoes, all backed by their authenticity assurance.

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3. GOAT Clean Program — With GOAT’s Clean program, you can purchase used sneakers and still receive the same level of protection as you would with new sneakers.

4. Instant Availability — GOAT offers pre-verified shoes that are readily available for delivery within three to five business days or even for next-day shipping, bypassing the standard authentication process.


1. Extended Shipping Times — Due to the additional authentication step, shipping times tend to be somewhat longer. The typical duration for domestic shipping is 7 to 10 business days, and for international deliveries, it can be even lengthier.

2. Elevated Shipping Costs — GOAT generally has higher shipping fees compared to other platforms. These are their published shipping charges:

– 8% Processing Fee for All Instant Items — If you wish to expedite your items for faster delivery, you’ll need to pay an 8% processing fee.

3. Potential for Scams — While the platform strives to minimize fraudulent activities, there is still a slight possibility of encountering scams. However, the return and refund policy is designed to provide protection in such cases.

How to Purchase Shoes on GOAT

There are two primary methods for acquiring products on GOAT: buying at a set price or submitting an offer, which depends on the particular listing.

Purchasing an Item at a Fixed Price:

1. Begin by exploring the selection of items available for sale on the GOAT app or website. Once you locate the sneakers or apparel you desire, click on the item.
2. If you’re ready to acquire it at the specified price, simply tap the “Buy” button.

Purchasing at a Fixed Rate:
3. Input your contact details and select a payment method. Depending on your shipping location, you can choose from various payment options, including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Affirm, and more.
4. Finalize your purchase by clicking “Continue to Order Review.”
5. GOAT will dispatch the item to you upon verifying its authenticity.

For Making an Offer:

1. Peruse the items available for sale on the GOAT app or website. Click on the item you wish to place an offer on.
2. Opt for the “Offer” choice and specify the amount you’d like to offer, along with the expiration time for your offer. Await the seller’s acceptance of your offer.
3. Once the seller approves your offer, proceed to complete the purchase using the steps outlined above. GOAT will ship the item to you after confirming its authenticity.

Is GOAT a Trustworthy Platform for Sellers? Pros and Cons

✅Pros ❌Cons
Vast Customer Base High cashout fees
Unique GOAT App Features High competition
Low commission fee (for sellers with high ratings)

How to Start Selling on GOAT

If you’re interested in earning extra income by selling sneakers and other apparel, getting familiar with the process of selling on GOAT is a wise move. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sell sneakers or other apparel on GOAT:

1. Download the dedicated selling app, set up an alias, and register for a seller account.

2. Provide the requested information, including your country, full legal name, address, and phone number. Subsequently, await approval from GOAT. Once approved, you can commence selling on GOAT using your alias.

3. Begin listing your items for sale and set your pricing by tapping the “Start Listing” button.

4. When a buyer makes a purchase, GOAT will furnish you with a digital shipping label. Send the item to GOAT for authentication, and update your app to inform the buyer that the order has been delivered to the distribution center.

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5. After GOAT verifies the authenticity of your item, the buyer will receive their purchase, and you can collect your payment.

Is GOAT a Scam? Check Out GOAT Reviews.

With over 30 million customers using GOAT, most of them have positive feedback about their overall experience. Some highlights from GOAT shoe reviews include praise for the following aspects of the platform:

– Excellent customer service
– User-friendly experience
– Effective authentication process
– Positive seller experience

Here are a few GOAT shoe reviews from users:

“Delivery service lost my panda dunks that I purchased for my son. I reached out to GOAT immediately and worked with a wonderful rep who was extremely eager to assist me. She even reminded me to send the documentation so that she could resolve the issue. Great customer service!” — Geneva Gonzalez

“My experience on GOAT was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a website when buying something. Whenever I had any questions about my order or the tracking, GOAT was always there to help and answer my questions. I also recommend GOAT to everyone looking to buy authentic apparel because GOAT always ensures your items aren’t fake.” — Amari McCoy

“Thank you very much, GOAT, for verifying my sneakers and helping during the order. During the verification, it was found that the box was damaged. I was immediately notified of this and offered different options for action. Support responded quite quickly. After all this, they packed my shoes securely. The sneakers arrived in a safe condition, for which I thank them again.” — Darkness

“Very good as a seller, easy to use the system (Alias). People who complain about sizing confusion are not the brightest and clearly don’t read properly, as it explains everything for you. So, ignore them. Great customer service and response times, as well as instant payouts as a seller. Hopefully, they allow consignment as a seller and bulk shipping one day, but I can’t fault them.” — Luke

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does GOAT Offer New Shoes for Sale?

GOAT serves as a platform where both new and used shoes can be bought and sold. You have the option to purchase new shoes with or without their original boxes.

Can You Find Fake Shoes on GOAT?

No, GOAT does not permit the sale of counterfeit shoes on its website or app. The platform employs a rigorous authentication process that effectively detects counterfeit items.

Is GOAT Reliable for Purchasing Used Shoes?

Certainly. GOAT’s GOAT Clean program features one of the most trusted authentication processes for used shoes. When selling used shoes on GOAT, both buyers and sellers are protected, ensuring the purchase of high-quality used shoes.

Is GOAT a Reputable Source for Rare Sneakers?

Yes, you can have confidence in GOAT’s platform when seeking rare sneakers. When you opt for GOAT’s authentication service before selling, their team thoroughly examines every possible aspect of the shoe to verify its authenticity.

Which is More Credible, StockX or GOAT?

StockX is another highly reputable sneaker website with a robust authentication program. Both StockX and GOAT boast comparable levels of authenticity and reliability. The primary distinction is that StockX exclusively deals with brand-new shoes.

Is the GOAT App Trustworthy?

Absolutely. A significant portion of GOAT users prefers conducting transactions through the app. If you haven’t already, you can download the GOAT app from either the App Store or Google Play.

Is GOAT a Reliable Source for Authentic Jordans?

If you happen to come across a fantastic pair of Air Jordans on GOAT, you can rest assured that they are indeed genuine. However, it’s advisable to also verify the credibility of the seller.

Why Are GOAT Prices Generally Lower?

GOAT operates as a marketplace, meaning that pricing is contingent on the sellers who offer sneakers and apparel on the platform. Many sellers conduct their business primarily online, enabling them to offer shoes at more competitive prices compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

On GOAT, you can discover attractive deals on certain pairs, while others may be priced higher. These price variations depend on factors such as demand, condition, and rarity.

Is GOAT Identical to Flight Club?

It’s important to note that GOAT is the parent company of Flight Club. Although there may be some overlapping aspects, GOAT and Flight Club function as distinct entities. GOAT primarily provides mobile and web listings, whereas Flight Club focuses on global retail and e-commerce consignment.

In Conclusion

GOAT stands as a dependable marketplace with reputable sellers and buyers. The platform has demonstrated its commitment to creating a secure online marketplace for sneaker enthusiasts and shoppers worldwide.

While GOAT may not be flawless, it continually strives to enhance its authentication process and user experience.

Have you had any experience shopping on GOAT?  We welcome you to share your insights and experiences.


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