The 15 Best Polytechnics in Northern Nigeria

There are many options available to you as a student in Northern Nigeria for pursuing higher education.The National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programs at polytechnic institutions offer more specialized vocational and technical training than the four-year degree programs offered by universities. Polytechnics can be a great route for professional and personal development because of […]


Academic Calendar for the 2022/2023 session at UNIBEN

The University of Benin has recently released the proposed academic calendar for the 2022/2023 session. All students are advised to familiarize themselves with the series of activities approved by the university for the academic year. The detailed breakdown of the academic calendar is as follows: FIRST SEMESTER ACADEMIC CALENDAR, 2022/2023 SESSION FOR NEW STUDENTS –

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We must forever jealously guard and protect it.. Tinibu Addresses Nigeria

On the occasion of Democracy Day, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu addressed the Nigerian people, emphasizing the importance of cherishing and safeguarding democracy. He acknowledged that democracy should never be taken for granted and should be protected as a precious jewel. Tinubu expressed that the true value of democracy is often realized only when it is


Binance’s cryptocurrency exchange operations in Nigeria were deemed” outlawed.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a circular directing the Nigerian unit of cryptocurrency exchange Binance to immediately halt its “illegal” operations within the country. The SEC alleges that Binance Nigeria Limited, the local unit of the exchange platform, is neither registered nor regulated by the Commission, citing violations of federal securities laws


Glo Publishes Affordable Data Roaming Packages for Hajj Pilgrims

As you prepare for your pilgrimage to Mecca this year, staying connected with friends and family back home is likely high on your list of priorities. Global telecommunications leader Glo understands how important connectivity is during this meaningful time in your life and has announced affordable data roaming packages specifically tailored for Hajj pilgrims. For


Union Bank Partnership Opens Doors for Auto Financing With CIG

As a consumer, you have more options than ever when it comes to financing major purchases like a new vehicle. Union Bank has partnered with CIG, one of the nation’s largest credit unions, to provide members with competitive auto loan rates and flexible terms. This collaboration gives you access to affordable financing from two trusted


MTN Nigeria Finalizes Incentive Share Allotment to Eligible Shareholders

As an investor in MTN Nigeria, you have an opportunity to increase your holdings through the recently announced incentive share allotment. The telecommunications giant has finalized the allocation of nearly 500 million ordinary shares to eligible shareholders as part of its ongoing efforts to broaden local ownership and participation. If you held MTN Nigeria shares


The Top Factors Impacting Crypto and Bitcoin in 2023

Macroeconomic issues, regulations, mainstream adoption, and technological changes are all areas that could help or hurt your portfolio in the coming year. Understanding these dynamics and potential scenarios will help you make the best decisions to maximize your returns or minimize your risks. Some factors may be out of your control, but by anticipating them,


5 Best African Real Estate Markets for Investors

As an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, you may want to consider emerging markets with high growth potential. Africa offers attractive opportunities for real estate investment, with several countries experiencing strong economic growth and a rising middle class. You stand to benefit from affordable property prices, high rental yields, and significant capital appreciation over

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The Future of European Commercial Real Estate Market

As an investor, you are always looking for new opportunities and ways to diversify your portfolio. Commercial real estate in Europe may be an avenue worth exploring. The European commercial real estate market has experienced steady growth over the past several years and is projected to continue expanding over the next decade. Several factors are

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How to Create a Captivating SEM Strategy That Drives Results

As a business owner, you know that an effective search engine marketing (SEM) strategy is critical to driving traffic, generating leads, and boosting sales. However, creating a strategy that actually delivers results can be challenging. With so many options to consider and limited resources, determining how to allocate your time and budget in a way

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5 Proven Tips to Help You Win Back Lost Customers

As a business owner, you know how valuable your customers are to your success and growth. However, despite your best efforts, losing customers is often inevitable due to various reasons outside of your control. The good news is that not all lost customers are gone forever. With the right strategy and approach, you have the

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