Under-21 Euro Victory: England Triumphs Over Spain in an Impressive Win

England’s youth teams are basking in a golden era as they clinched the under-21 European Championship title, marking their first victory since 1984. Led by manager Lee Carlsley, the English squad showcased their dominance by winning all six games played in Georgia and Romania.

The final match against Spain proved to be a thrilling encounter. Curtis Jones became the hero of the day as his goal secured a 1-0 victory for England. The dramatic climax saw Spain’s captain, Abel Ruiz, awarded a penalty in the 99th minute. However, Manchester City goalkeeper James Trafford came to England’s rescue by saving the spot-kick, thus preserving their impressive record of not conceding a single goal throughout the entire tournament.

This triumph adds to England’s remarkable achievements in recent years. The Three Lions currently hold the title of reigning European champions at the under-19 level. Moreover, their youth teams clinched victory in both the under-17 and under-20 World Cups back in 2017. These collective successes reflect a period of excellence and promise for English football at the youth level.

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