Review | Is bmb9 Legit or scam?| How to register with Bmb9

In this guide, we will assess the legitimacy of, determining whether it is a genuine service or a fraudulent operation. Review | Is bmb9 Legit or Not? has gained significant traction on various online platforms, particularly on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. The website claims to provide users with 100 GB of complimentary internet data from Google. You may have encountered the following message online:

“If you want to obtain 100GB of free internet data from Google, valid for two months, simply type ‘BMB9’ into a Google search and click on the first link you find.”

This message is widely shared by users on their social media timelines.

Following our comprehensive review, we have reached the conclusion that is indeed a deceptive website that coerces users into sharing both the website link and their personal information on Facebook. The website prompts users to input their mobile phone number and then instructs them to post a message on Facebook to activate the supposed 100 GB data gift.

In reality, this website is not genuine, and it is impossible to obtain free data through this method. The primary objective of the website appears to be the collection of user data and the generation of revenue via advertisements. In this review, we will delve into how the bmb9 scam operates and why it should be avoided.

We strongly advise users to exercise caution when encountering such websites and to refrain from sharing personal information or participating in activities that may jeopardize their privacy and security.

How the Scam Operates

When you visit with hopes of receiving your promised 100 GB of free data, you are presented with a series of questions that you must answer to qualify for the free data. The initial question is, “How did you discover our website?” Once you respond, you are directed to the next page, which poses the question, “For which websites do you intend to use the 100 GB?” Subsequently, the website requests the phone number where you wish to receive the data.

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Upon entering your phone number, the website leads you to the final page, where it congratulates you on obtaining 100 GB of free data for a two-month period. However, there is one last step required to activate this supposed gift: you must copy and post the provided message in 15 different Facebook comments.

“If you want to get 100GB of free internet from Google, valid for two months, simply type ‘BMB9’ into a Google search and click on the first link you find.”

How to Protect Yourself

Our advice is straightforward: exercise caution when encountering such websites. Refrain from sharing your personal information or participating in activities that may compromise your privacy or security. Scams like are unfortunately prevalent on the internet, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant and well-informed.

In conclusion, is not a credible source of free internet data; it is a scam targeting unsuspecting users. Always remember, if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Prioritize your online safety and do not fall victim to the scam.


In reality, this is nothing more than a cunning scheme designed to harvest your personal information and generate revenue through advertisements. There is no legitimate means of obtaining 100 GB of data through this process. It is a fraudulent offer created to deceive users.

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