Is phoenixs boo legit or scam in nigeria is a recently introduced investment platform, debuting in Nigeria on October 5th, 2023.

Is phoenixs boo legit or scam in nigeria

This platform offers Nigerians the opportunity to earn daily returns on their investments. The minimum investment amount is 1,500 naira, and it guarantees a daily return of 10% over a span of 28 days. This translates to a total return of 42,000 naira from an initial investment of just 1,500 naira. The exceptionally high returns on investment have prompted us to initiate a research effort to ascertain the legitimacy of, determining whether it is a trustworthy venture or potentially a scam. Investment Plans

Investment OptionTotal Return (%)Deposit Amount (₦)Daily Return Amount (%)Total Return Amount (₦)
Cloud Computing2800%150010%42000
Edge Computing7280%300026%218400
HMIs and IPCs7560%500027%378000
Automatic Tools7840%1000028%784000
Hand Tools8400%2000030%1680000
Cables and Lines9240%10000033%9240000
EMC Filter12600%30000045%37800000
Surge Protection14000%50000050%70000000
Terminal Blocks15400%100000055%154000000

How to Join / Register on

Is Legit or Scam?

Becoming a member of is a straightforward process:

1. Registration: Initiate the process by signing up on the platform. You’ll be required to furnish some basic personal details.

2. Account Funding: To commence your investment journey, deposit a minimum of 1,500 Naira into your account. This amount serves as your initial investment.

3. Choose Your Investment Plan: Peruse and select your preferred investment plan from the various options available. The most widely chosen plan offers a daily return of 10% over a span of 28 days.

4. Daily Earnings: Once your investment becomes active, you will commence earning daily returns on your investment. These returns will be credited directly to your account.

Ways To Generate Income with

1. Commission Structure (26%+1%+1%+1%+1%)

– Earn 26% from Level 1 Referrals: As your Level 1 referrals make payments, you’ll instantly receive a 26% commission based on their payment amount.
– Receive 1% from Level 2 Referrals: You also gain a 1% commission from the payments made by your Level 2 referrals.
– Obtain 1% from Level 3 Referrals: Likewise, you earn a 1% commission from the payment amounts of your Level 3 referrals.
– Gain 1% from Level 4 Referrals: You’ll be granted 1% of the payment amounts made by your Level 4 referrals.
– Collect 1% from Level 5 Referrals: Lastly, you get a 1% commission from the payment amounts generated by your Level 5 referrals.

2. 5% Additional Share of Level 1’s Daily Returns

– When your Level 1 referrals begin receiving their daily returns from their investment plans, you’ll also receive an extra 5% share of those returns on a daily basis.

3. ₦200 Bonus Per Verified Referral

– You’ll be rewarded with a ₦200 bonus for each of your Level 1 referrals who make a payment and become verified members. This bonus is a one-time incentive for each valid referral you bring in. Withdrawal Details

Processing Time: 7x24h
Minimum Withdrawal: ₦1000
Expected Arrival Time: Within 4 hours
If your withdrawal request hasn’t been processed within 24 hours, please don’t hesitate to contact their online customer service for assistance.

Is Trustworthy / Legit ? is not a reliable platform. As you may have observed, it has been launched multiple times in the past, only to crash and disappear, taking people’s money with it. Although some individuals may appear to be cashing out, this does not establish their legitimacy; consistently pays for a brief period (3 to 5 days) before inevitably collapsing within a week.

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