Breaking News: Sokoto Butcher Fatally Attacked Amidst Blasphemy Allegations

In Sokoto State, a butcher named Usman Buda was tragically killed following accusations of making blasphemous remarks against the Holy Prophet. The incident occurred during a dispute with another trader at the main Sokoto Abattoir around 8 am on Sunday, as reported by Daily Trust.

According to an eyewitness, efforts were made by local leaders to save Buda, but they were unable to control the angry crowd. Initially, he was rescued and hidden away, but the mob eventually overpowered the attempts to protect him. The crowd, primarily consisting of fellow butchers, reportedly beat Buda to death. The police later removed his body from the scene.

Close business associates of Buda also tried to intervene, but some of them suffered injuries in the process and are currently receiving medical treatment.

Buda, originally from Tambuwal local government area, resided in Gidan Igwe, Sokoto North local government area. He was known for selling cow entrails at the Sokoto Fish and Vegetables market, also known as Kasuwan Dankure.

Neighbours, including one named Malam Yusuf, expressed shock at Buda’s death and described him as a religious individual who belonged to the Izala sect. They found it hard to believe that he would make derogatory statements against the Holy Prophet and speculated that there must be a reason behind his murder.

Other individuals in the market, such as fellow butchers and a seller of perishable items, also expressed disbelief over the incident. They suggested that Buda’s popularity and success in his business might have generated envy among his colleagues.

The Sokoto State Police confirmed the murder and stated that they received a distress call about the incident. A team of policemen led by the Commissioner of Police, Area Commander Metro, and DPO Kwanni responded to the scene, but by the time they arrived, the mob had dispersed and Buda was left unconscious. He was immediately taken to Usmanu Danfodio Teaching Hospital Sokoto (UDUTH), where he was later pronounced dead.

Investigations are currently ongoing to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of this tragic incident.

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