Earn2Trade Review: is it legit or scam, How it Works, Registration

In this review, we will closely examine Earn2Trade and explore its offerings.

Earn2Trade Review: How it Works, Registration

We will discuss the company’s customer support, trading platform, profit-sharing system, and educational program. Additionally, we will assess the advantages and disadvantages of trading with Earn2Trade and provide our final evaluation of the company. If you are interested in learning more about Earn2Trade or considering trading with them, read this review carefully. We will supply you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

About Earn2Trade:

Earn2Trade is an organization dedicated to futures trading education and assessment. It provides traders with a unique opportunity to learn from experienced professionals while also earning money. Founded in 2018 by a group of traders and educators dissatisfied with the lack of high-quality trading education and the high entry barriers to the professional trading sector, Earn2Trade’s flagship program is the Trader Career PathTM. This program aims to teach traders of all skill levels how to trade profitably and become professionals. It includes comprehensive training, a virtual trading assessment, and a funded real trading account. The simulated trading assessment is the initial step in the Trader Career PathTM program, evaluating traders’ effectiveness, discipline, and risk management skills. Traders who pass the assessment receive a funded account to trade in real-time markets. Earn2Trade stands out for its strong emphasis on education, offering over 1,000 hours of training material, including video courses, live webinars, and one-on-one coaching. The company also employs a performance-based compensation model, where traders are compensated only when they generate profits for the company. Notably, Earn2Trade is one of the few firms that provides funded accounts to traders with no prior trading experience, making it an excellent choice for novice traders aiming to become professionals.

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How Earn2Trade Operates:

Earn2Trade operates by providing traders with a funded live trading account and a simulated trading assessment. To enroll in the program, traders must first pass the simulated trading examination, which evaluates their competence, discipline, and risk management skills. Traders who pass the assessment receive a funded account financed by Earn2Trade and are compensated only when they generate profits for the company. To aid traders in learning how to trade profitably, Earn2Trade offers a range of educational resources, including one-on-one tutoring, live webinars, and video courses. In summary, Earn2Trade offers a unique and innovative program that allows traders to learn from experienced professionals while earning money. The program’s attractive features and well-thought-out design cater to traders of all skill levels.

Earn2Trade Trading Platforms:

Earn2Trade users have the option to select from several trading platforms, including popular choices such as

  • NinjaTrader,
  • Finamark,
  • R Trader Pro,
  • Overcharts,
  • MultiCharts,
  • Bookmap,
  • Photon,
  • QScalp,
  • QSI- Quick Screen Trading,
  • ScalpTool,
  • Trade Navigator,
  • Volfix.net,
  • Jigsaw Trading,
  • ATAS Order Flow Trading,
  • Sierra Chart, and Quantower.

Users are encouraged to choose a platform that aligns with their trading preferences and expertise. For instance, experienced traders seeking a robust and flexible platform often opt for NinjaTrader, while novice traders looking for a user-friendly platform with reasonable costs may prefer Finamark. Earn2Trade also provides various instructional tools to help users become familiar with the different trading platforms, including live webinars, user manuals, and instructional videos.

Review of Earn2Trade Funded Account Rules:

Earn2Trade’s funded trader programs have a flexible and transparent withdrawal policy. The primary rule is that you can withdraw your profits but not the funds provided by the prop firm. The profit-sharing structure is set at 80/20 in your favor. For example, if you achieve the $3,000 profit target on the TCP50’s Live Trading Account ($50,000), you can withdraw $2,400 ($3,000 profit target minus the 20% share retained by the company). You can choose to make withdrawals in a lump sum or in smaller increments over time, and various withdrawal methods, including bank wire, PayPal, Wise, Payoneer, and Revolut, are available. It’s essential to adhere to the rules, as they enable you to successfully complete the Trader Career Path® or Gauntlet MiniTM challenges. Discipline is crucial for trading success, whether in a virtual or real environment.

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Earn2Trade Commissions:

Starting November 1, 2022, traders can select their preferred commission schedules on the Trader Career Path or Gauntlet MiniTM during the account setup process. After purchasing or resetting a TCP or GMTM evaluation account, traders must make this choice. Default commissions offer a $2.02 per side commission on all assets, applicable to both mini and micro assets. It’s a suitable option for traders who don’t frequently trade micros. The live commission reflects the fee schedule provided by the prop firms, which varies from asset to asset and can sometimes exceed the baseline $2.02 price. Micros are priced between $0.82 and $1.08 per contract per side. Traders must select the structure that best suits their trading preferences and the assets they wish to trade.

Earn2Trade Affiliate Program Review:

Affiliates have the opportunity to promote Earn2Trade’s products and services and earn commissions on the sales they generate. The affiliate program offers a variety of marketing materials, a high commission rate, and a tiered incentive structure. To join the Earn2Trade affiliate program, you need to create an account on the Earn2Trade website, and upon registration, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link. You can then promote Earn2Trade’s offerings using this link on your website, blog, or social media accounts. Depending on the product or service purchased, the commission rate varies, with affiliates receiving a 20% fee on funded accounts, among other potential earnings. The Earn2Trade affiliate program is a great way to make money, particularly if your audience is interested in trading or becoming a funded trader.

Final Thoughts:

Earn2Trade is a reputable company that provides traders with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals while also earning money. Its emphasis on education sets it apart from other trading platforms, offering a comprehensive training program that covers basic trading principles to advanced concepts taught by experienced traders. The performance-based compensation model used by Earn2Trade, where traders are compensated only when they generate profits for the company, provides strong motivation for traders to perform at their best. In summary, Earn2Trade is an excellent choice for traders who want to benefit from the expertise of top traders while earning money. The program features a performance-based compensation structure, a well-designed feature set, and various additional benefits. If you have any questions about Earn2Trade, feel free to ask in the comments below. We’ll do our best to address your inquiries regarding Earn2Trade Review.

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