Vendasta vs GoHighLevel: Which is Best for Marketers? Review

In this article, we will compare Vendasta and GoHighLevel, examining their similarities, differences, and advantages.

Vendasta vs GoHighLevel: Which is Best for Marketers?

Did you know that success in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, which is constantly evolving, requires access to sufficient resources? However, with the plethora of platforms available, it can be challenging to determine the best fit for your company. This is where this article becomes valuable. Vendasta and GoHighLevel are two of the most popular all-in-one marketing and sales automation tools on the market. Both systems offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to assist organizations of all sizes in managing their marketing, sales, and customer support efforts. Nevertheless, there are significant distinctions between these two systems.

In this piece, we will compare Vendasta and GoHighLevel in terms of their features, costs, user-friendliness, and customer support. We will also delve into the advantages and drawbacks of each platform to help you decide which one is the ideal choice for your company. So, whether you are a new small business owner or a major corporation in search of a new platform to streamline your marketing and sales operations, keep reading to discover more about Vendasta and GoHighLevel.

Introduction to Vendasta:

Vendasta is a Canadian-based SaaS startup founded in 2009. It offers a comprehensive suite of marketing and sales automation solutions that can be white-labeled and resold by companies under their own branding. Vendasta’s platform includes a CRM, website builder, landing page builder, email marketing tool, social media management tool, and more.

Vendasta Product Line:

Vendasta offers a diverse array of products that can be resold under a company’s brand, including:
– Website builder: A drag-and-drop tool for creating professional websites without coding skills.
– Landing page builder: Helps businesses craft high-converting landing pages for marketing campaigns.
– Email marketing tool: Aids in creating and sending email newsletters, drip campaigns, and other email marketing initiatives.
– Social media management tool: Assists in managing social media presence across major platforms.
– CRM: A customer relationship management solution for lead, customer, and sales pipeline management.
– Reputation management tool: Monitors and manages a company’s online reputation.
– SEO tools: Suite for improving website ranking in search engine results.
– Payment processing: Enables online payment acceptance.
– Appointment scheduling: Facilitates online appointment scheduling for businesses.
– Integration with Zapier: Connects to various other programs and services through Zapier integration.

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Vendasta Business App:

The Vendasta Business App is a mobile application that equips resellers with tools to manage their business on the go.

Vendasta Reseller:

A Vendasta reseller is an organization that sells Vendasta’s products and services to other businesses. These resellers can offer Vendasta’s products under their own brand and provide their services using the Vendasta platform.

Vendasta Partner Hub:

The Vendasta Partner Hub is a web-based platform that provides resellers with resources they need for success.

Introduction to GoHighLevel:

GoHighLevel is a US-based SaaS company established in 2018. It offers an all-in-one marketing and sales automation platform tailored for digital marketing businesses. The platform includes a CRM, website builder, landing page builder, email marketing tool, social media management tool, call monitoring tool, reputation management tool, and more.


Vendasta offers a free plan with limited functionalities, while paid plans start at $499 per month. GoHighLevel does not have a free plan but provides a 14-day free trial. Paid subscriptions start at $97 per month.

Both Vendasta and GoHighLevel support white-labeling, allowing you to sell their platforms under your own brand. However, Vendasta offers more extensive white-labeling options compared to GoHighLevel.


Vendasta and GoHighLevel share several features, but there are notable differences.


– Both provide CRM capabilities like contact and lead management.
– GoHighLevel’s CRM is more robust, offering pipeline management, workflow automation, and reporting.

Website Builder:

– Both offer drag-and-drop website builders.
– GoHighLevel’s website builder is more powerful, with custom templates, SEO optimization, and e-commerce features.

Landing Page Builder:

– Both include drag-and-drop landing page builders.
– GoHighLevel’s landing page builder is more robust and features A/B testing, pop-ups, and exit-intent overlays.

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Email Marketing:

– Both provide email marketing platforms with features like email list management and template creation.
– GoHighLevel’s email marketing tool is more feature-rich, offering email segmentation, customization, and drip campaigns.

Social Media Management:

– Both platforms offer social media management with scheduling and analytics.
– GoHighLevel’s social media tool is more advanced, incorporating social listening, advertising, and reputation management.

Additional Features:

– Both offer supplementary features such as call monitoring, reputation management, SEO tools, payment processing, appointment scheduling, and Zapier integration.


Both Vendasta and GoHighLevel are user-friendly, but GoHighLevel’s layout is more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Customer Service:

Both platforms offer exceptional customer service. Vendasta provides 24-hour customer support via phone, chat, and email, while GoHighLevel offers round-the-clock support through phone, chat, and email.


Both Vendasta and GoHighLevel have active user communities, with Vendasta’s community being larger and more active than GoHighLevel’s.

Vendasta vs. GoHighLevel:

Both platforms are excellent all-in-one marketing and sales automation tools, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Vendasta is an ideal choice for companies looking for a wide range of capabilities and a large user base. GoHighLevel is a great option for businesses in need of a robust CRM, website builder, and landing page builder.

Choosing the Best Platform:

To determine the best platform for your needs, consider your specific goals and requirements. If you require extensive functionality, Vendasta may be the preferred choice. However, both Vendasta and GoHighLevel offer outstanding solutions for all-in-one marketing and sales automation, with their distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Pros: Offers an extensive range of features, boasts a large and active user community, and provides excellent customer service.

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Cons: Comes with a higher price tag compared to GoHighLevel and requires a commitment to a 12-month contract.


Pros: Features a robust CRM, impressive website and landing page builders, offers a more user-friendly interface than Vendasta, and provides excellent customer support.

Cons: Offers fewer features when compared to Vendasta and has a smaller user base.

Which Platform Is Best for You?

The choice between Vendasta and GoHighLevel should be based on your specific needs and preferences. Opt for Vendasta if you require a platform with an extensive feature set and a substantial user community. Alternatively, GoHighLevel is an excellent choice if you prioritize a sophisticated CRM, strong website and landing page builders, and a user-friendly interface.

Additional Considerations:

Vendasta typically incurs higher costs than GoHighLevel.
Vendasta necessitates a 12-month contract commitment, while GoHighLevel offers month-to-month plans.
Vendasta offers a more extensive feature set, although GoHighLevel’s CRM, website builder, and landing page builder are more robust.
GoHighLevel’s user interface is more user-friendly compared to Vendasta.
Vendasta boasts a larger user base in comparison to GoHighLevel.


If you’re still uncertain about which platform suits you best, it is advisable to make use of the free trials offered by Vendasta and GoHighLevel. This will enable you to explore and assess the platforms, helping you determine which aligns more closely with your requirements.

In Conclusion: Vendasta vs. GoHighLevel

Vendasta and GoHighLevel are both prominent choices in the realm of all-in-one marketing and sales automation tools. They offer comprehensive sets of capabilities to support organizations of various sizes in managing their marketing, sales, and customer support efforts. Nevertheless, it is essential to weigh the specific strengths and weaknesses of each platform when making your decision. This article has provided a detailed comparison of Vendasta and GoHighLevel to assist you in making an informed choice for your business.

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