Explore Working and Traveling in Dubai from Nigeria with Deferred Payment Option (2023)

Step into the dynamic realm of employment and exploration in Dubai, all the way from Nigeria! As a Nigerian national, the realm of work opportunities awaiting you in Dubai mirrors those available in any corner of the globe. What’s more, the process is made even more convenient with deferred payment options. The spectrum of potential roles, adaptable payment plans, and seamless access to Dubai’s conveniences collectively ensure an enriching experience during your sojourn in this bustling destination.

Here, we present a comprehensive guide to navigating the journey of working and traveling from Nigeria to Dubai. From demystifying the visa procedures to unveiling the most promising job prospects, we have you covered.

Embark on the Dubai Experience from Nigeria: Work Now, Pay Later

Embarking on a voyage of work and adventure from Nigeria to Dubai offers a splendid opportunity to immerse yourself in the city’s culture and lifestyle. With its cutting-edge infrastructure, globally acclaimed business prospects, and perpetual sunshine, Dubai emerges as an ideal platform to carve out a new chapter in your life. The good news for Nigerians is that pathways now exist to venture into Dubai, pursue employment, and defer the financial commitment until later stages.

Initiating your journey of both work and exploration in Dubai from Nigeria necessitates the acquisition of a visa as the inaugural step. Depending on the nature of your intended employment, you will either require a work permit or a business visa. Grasping the distinctions between these visa categories is crucial to ensure that you apply for the appropriate one. Detailed information regarding the array of visa options accessible to Nigerian citizens can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once you have secured the suitable visa, the groundwork for your Dubai expedition can commence. Your preparations will hinge on the nature of the work you intend to undertake. For those with long-term plans, arranging accommodation prior to your journey might be essential. Options include the possibility of renting a room or apartment, or considering hotels and serviced apartments as alternatives. The plethora of choices available caters to diverse budgets and preferences.

Once your accommodation arrangements are in order, your next focus will be on arranging the financial aspects of your journey and stay in Dubai. One of the optimal approaches is to leverage a payment platform such as PayLater. Through PayLater, you gain the flexibility to settle the costs of your Dubai trip and lodging through convenient installments. This method proves highly effective in efficiently managing your expenditures during your sojourn of working and exploring in Dubai.

Last but not least, ensure that all your essential documents are meticulously organized before embarking on your journey. This encompassing preparation encompasses a valid passport, visa, and other imperative credentials. Once every piece falls into place, you can initiate the process of orchestrating your trip and facilitating the requisite arrangements.

Undertaking a voyage of both work and exploration in Dubai from Nigeria presents a splendid opportunity to be immersed in the city’s vibrant culture and lifestyle. Armed with the appropriate visa, well-situated accommodation, and a judicious payment strategy, you can optimize your time in Dubai without the concern of immediate upfront payments. Hence, why not take the plunge and transform your aspiration of traversing and working in Dubai into a concrete reality?

Introducing PayLater for Staggered Travel Payments

PayLater, a pioneering payment service, ushers in a secure platform for making payments toward your travel bookings. Conceived to streamline financial management for globetrotters, PayLater facilitates seamless payments for flights, lodgings, car rentals, and more. Moreover, the advantage of staggered payments over an extended period is at your disposal.

With PayLater, you can execute payments for your Dubai travel arrangements without the burden of carrying cash or fretting over foreign exchange rates. The added benefit is the ability to secure your flight and lodging ahead of time, enabling potential savings of up to 45% on the cumulative travel expenses. Additionally, the versatility of your PayLater account empowers you to make payments from any corner of the globe.

The customer-centric ethos of PayLater shines through in their exceptional customer service and the security they offer through their platform. Their adept team stands ready to address any queries regarding their services. Moreover, PayLater is committed to safeguarding your personal and financial data with utmost diligence.

Be it a brief escapade or a protracted sojourn in Dubai, PayLater stands as your ally in realizing your travel aspirations. Bolstered by their user-friendly payment options and fortified platform security, you can embark on your Dubai odyssey with the assurance of a hassle-free experience. What’s holding you back? Begin crafting your Dubai vacation today!

Categories of Dubai Visas

The route you take to apply for your Dubai visa hinges on the intent and duration of your stay. Dubai visas come in distinct variants, delineated by their validity and entry parameters – spanning 96 hours, 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days. The associated fees for these Dubai visas are also subject to variation based on your chosen category.

We are at your service to facilitate your acquisition of a Dubai visa for any of the following purposes:

Transit Visa₦150, 000
Tourist Visa for 14 days₦ 200, 000
Tourist visa for 30 days₦ 250, 000
Tourist vis for 60 days₦ 270, 000

The Dubai Visa Application Procedure

The process entails four straightforward steps. Initiate payment of the visa fees through our secure online payment gateway. Subsequently, submit your requisite documents. We will then conduct verification procedures and proceed to process your visa application, culminating in the delivery of your Dubai Visa via email.

Necessary Documentation for Applying for a Dubai Visa

1. Scanned, Color Copy of the Initial and Final Pages of Your Passport
– Your passport must maintain its validity for a minimum of 6 months.

2. Scanned, Color Copy of a Passport-Sized Photograph
– This photo must be captured against a white backdrop.

3. Confirmed Round-trip Air Ticket (Not Compulsory for Application)

Supplementary Papers Needed for Applying for a Dubai Transit Visa

1. Confirmed Return Air Ticket
2. Visa Copy of Your Destination Country

Is Nigeria work permit open in UAE?

Since July 2021, there has been an informal restriction on work permits for Nigerians in the UAE, rendering it impossible for individuals with expired permits to renew them. This situation has led to a significant loss of employment opportunities, leaving many individuals stranded and disheartened.

In the preceding December, Nigeria’s Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, revealed that the nation was in the process of finalizing employment agreements with both Qatar and the UAE. The objective of these agreements is to safeguard the interests of around 7000 Nigerian citizens employed within these countries.

Ngige stated, “We have established an agreement that will delineate the nature of their employment, ensure their protection, and extend safeguards to their employers in those regions.”

“Regardless of whether official communication regarding the issuance or renewal of work permits is established, it remains the responsibility of the Nigerian Federal Government to engage constructively with the UAE Government. This engagement aims to encourage the acceptance of more labor from Nigeria, encompassing various professions,” the NIDO-UAE statement concluded.

In summary

Dubai stands as an appealing prospect for Nigerian travelers and professionals alike. Its dynamic culture, top-notch infrastructure, and conducive business regulations render it an ideal hub for both work and exploration. The availability of the “pay later” alternative serves as a valuable tool in alleviating financial burdens, affording Nigerians the freedom to relish their journeys and reap the rewards of their endeavors minus financial apprehensions.

Amidst a plethora of employment avenues and engaging activities, Dubai emerges as an inviting choice for Nigerians aspiring to expand their horizons and embark on a journey of enrichment.



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