Jamb 2024 Starting Date, Form & News Updates

When does Jamb 2024 commence?

The commencement of Jamb registration for 2024 is set for January 14th and will conclude on February 22nd, 2024. The Jamb CBT 2023, on the other hand, is scheduled to begin on April 25th, 2024, and will conclude on May 2nd, 2023.

For those who missed their exams, it’s essential to reprint their slips on Thursday and Friday to obtain a new date.

When does the Jamb 2023 registration for direct entry start?

Jamb UTME registration commences on January 22nd, while the direct entry registration starts on January 20th. The Jamb exams are planned to take place from April 25th to May 2nd. Therefore, it’s advisable to start your registration for the next UTME accordingly.

NIN is mandatory for 2024/2025 UTME registration. Ensure you acquire your NIN by clicking here.

Here are the key prerequisites to successfully complete your 2024 Jamb registration and exams. Make sure you fulfill all the requirements:

1. NIN for Jamb
2. Valid Email Account
3. Personal Phone Number
4. Jamb Profile
5. Correct Jamb Subjects
6. O’Level Result (please note that this is optional)
7. Approved CBT Centers
8. UTME Syllabus
9. Jamb Past Questions

JAMB has simplified the registration process, allowing you to register even if you don’t have your O level results (such as Waec, Neco, GCE, Jupeb, ND, HND, Ijmb) at the moment.

Once you’ve successfully registered at any of the accredited CBT centers nationwide, you’ll receive the following items:

1. The recently recommended Jamb Novel for English
2. A CD containing Jamb syllabus and e-Brochure
3. Your e-Slip, indicating that you’ve completed the UTME registration.

The JAMB registration window will be open for six weeks or longer. Keep in mind that you’ll need to reprint your slips (available 7 days before UTME). The use of the National Identification Number (NIN) will be mandatory, and the exam will consist of 60 English questions and 40 questions based on your chosen subject combination.

Welcome to the 2024/2025 JAMB registration and everything you need to know. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you succeed in the upcoming exams. Research indicates that about two-thirds of students taking JAMB each year fail to meet the score requirements for admission due to a lack of essential information. We don’t want you to fall into that category, and that’s why we’ve put together this article.

Regarding the cost of the 2024/2025 JAMB Form in Nigeria, please refer to the table we’ve provided below:

– JAMB form for UTME and DE Candidates: ₦5600

Items Amount (₦)
UTME Application Fee 3,500
Compulsory Reading Textbook. 500
CBT (Examination) Service Charge 1,000
Registration Centre Service Charge 700
CBT Centre Service Charge with Mock 2,700
CBT Centre Service Charge without Mock 1,700
Grand Total With Mock 6,700
Grand Total Without Mock

UTME Exam starts 

Starting Date: 14 January 2024
Closing Date: February 22nd  2024


2024/2025 Jamb mock exam holds March 

Jamb Registration Start Date January  2024
Jamb Registration Deadline February 2024
Total Expenses for the Registration Procedure N4700
Date to Reprint Jamb Mock Slip Not out
Jamb Mock Exam Date April 2024
Jamb compulsory Novel Life Changer by Khadija A. Jalli
Jamb Examination Reprinting Date 22nd April 2023
Jamb Examination Date  Tuesday 25th April  to Monday 2nd May 2023
Jamb Result Release Date Not specified (explained in details here)


The JAMB 2024/2025 registration process will be exclusively conducted online. In order to ensure a successful registration, candidates are strongly advised to adhere to the prescribed procedures for completing the online registration. We recognize the critical importance of avoiding errors during this process, which is why we are committed to providing you with comprehensive information about everything you need to know regarding JAMB 2024/2025.

Key details to note include the release of the JAMB 2023 syllabus, the starting date, closing date, and exam date for the registration. Many JAMB candidates are inquiring about when the 2024/2025 JAMB registration will commence, and some are also seeking information about the registration closing date.

To address these inquiries:

– The expected commencement date for the 2024/2025 JAMB registration is from January 14th to February 22nd.

We would like to emphasize that the official release of the 2023/2024 JAMB form will occur as previously mentioned.

How much does the Jamb registration form cost for 2024/2025 at www.jamb.org.ng

Items Amount (₦)
Registration Fee 3,500
Compulsory Reading Text 500
Service Charge for Registration 700
Total 4,700

Foreign Centres: $20.

The cost of the jamb registration form is a flat 3500 naira. Please be aware that the bank will charge you a token for bank service fees, and that you must process your form at a location that has been approved for 700 Naira. Simply allocate 8000 to cover everything.

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Registration instructions for the 2024/2025 JAMB


Many candidates harbor the misconception that JAMB registration is a quick, effortless task that can be completed within a few hours. However, the reality is quite different. The JAMB registration process is a systematic procedure that must be followed meticulously to achieve successful registration.

The process commences with the initial step of preparing your National Identification Number (NIN) for JAMB. Subsequently, you will need to obtain your JAMB E-PIN, which is obtainable from the designated banks listed here, as well as from post offices or accredited centers.

It is crucial to thoroughly review all the information provided here to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate this process effectively, thereby minimizing the likelihood of errors.

For those who intend to register for JAMB with pending results, it is worth noting that JAMB permits candidates to do so, provided that they indicate this during the registration process. Furthermore, once the results become available, it is essential to promptly upload them.

As an aspiring JAMB candidate, you may also be inquiring about the minimum age requirement for the UTME. To register for JAMB, you must be at least 16 years of age or older.

Another vital point to consider pertains to your email address. It is imperative to have a functional email address in place before visiting the accredited center. We strongly recommend creating an email address here before proceeding with the registration process.

Creating Your JAMB Profile: A Guide to the Process

Have you established your JAMB profile yet? Constructing a JAMB profile is a fundamental aspect of the JAMB registration procedure. It is essential to initiate or establish a profile on the JAMB portal before engaging in any JAMB-related activities. Below, we outline the steps to create a JAMB profile:

Initiating the Creation of Your JAMB Profile Code

The initial step when embarking on the JAMB registration process involves generating a 10-digit profile code. We recognize that you might have questions about this novel profile code concept introduced by JAMB. For a detailed explanation of this process, please refer to this resource: [link provided].

Preparing Your NIN for JAMB Registration

Nin slip


Let’s simplify this and be clear: Without your NIN, JAMB registration is not possible. Keep this in mind as you proceed with your JAMB registration. Take a proactive step to acquire your NIN for JAMB registration right here.

JAMB E-facility Portal Login

Once you have successfully created your JAMB profile and obtained your JAMB profile code or JAMB E-PIN, the next stage involves logging into the JAMB E-facility portal. Sign in with your username and password, update your profile information, and commence the registration process at this location.

Addressing JAMB OTP Issues and Solutions:

Encountering problems with JAMB OTP (One-Time Password)? We recognize the crucial role of this verification process in safeguarding access to or modifications in your JAMB profile account. Here, we provide comprehensive information on everything you need to know about this.

For a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to register for the 2023/2024 JAMB registration, including the exam commencement date, you can access the information here.

General Requirements for JAMB UTME

You may have wondered about the standard JAMB entry requirements for gaining admission into our tertiary institutions.



Let’s clarify and simplify the entry requirements for First Degree, National Innovation Diploma (NID), National Diploma (ND), Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programs in Universities and other degree-awarding Institutions, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Monotechnics, and Innovation Enterprise Institutions. Candidates aspiring to gain admission into any of the institutions mentioned below should possess a minimum of five (5) O’Level Credit passes, which must include Mathematics and English Language.

For further details regarding these requirements and more, please consult the JAMB brochure. You may have received a copy of the brochure from JAMB accredited centers or JAMB offices when you obtained your JAMB forms. Alternatively, you can download it online at [insert website link] and stay informed.

List of Banks Selling JAMB Forms and How to Obtain Your JAMB E-PIN for 2024/2025

Here is a list of banks where you should purchase your JAMB form. However, before visiting these banks, it’s essential to first create a profile code.

5. First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

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JAMB E-PIN Selling Points

You can obtain your JAMB E-PIN for registration at the following outlets: NIPOST and other commercial banks such as STERLING, TAJ, FIRSTBANK, Polaris, UNION, JAIZ, and UNITY.

Additionally, you can access the E-PIN through Mobile Money Operators, Microfinance Banks, and Online Platforms listed below:

TEASYPay, Packway Projects (Readycash), Xpress payment solutions, Capricorn Digital Limited, Zazzau MFB, Paga, e-Transact, Interswitch (Quickteller), Itex Integrated Services, Cloud Interactive Associates, Payvantage, Nomiworld, Cottage Assets, Global Accelerex, Funds, Upperlink, System Specs (Remita), Electronic Transfer, Unified Payment Services (UPS), JAMB Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, Digital Partners Network, PayCom.

For candidates residing outside Nigeria who wish to take the JAMB exams, please visit the Nigerian Embassy in select countries for guidance.

To create your JAMB profile code, send your [Surname First-Name Middle-Name] to 55019. After obtaining your profile code, visit any of the listed banks and provide your code to initiate the form processing. Subsequently, you will receive your JAMB E-PIN via SMS (please note that this may take up to 24 hours). Proceed to the nearest JAMB accredited center to complete your registration.

JAMB Slip With Choice of Institution

We’ve thoroughly discussed all aspects of the JAMB Slip with Choice of Institution. This includes the number of universities, polytechnics, or institutions you can select, as well as instructions on how to print your slip and make necessary changes or corrections.

How to Apply for JAMB in Foreign Countries

Foreign candidates residing abroad can still register for JAMB in nine select countries, albeit at an additional fee of $20. If you are in one of these countries, you can download the JAMB Application form from the official website (www.jamb.gov.ng) and complete the application by filling in the required details.

The nine foreign centers for JAMB registration are:

1. Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
2. Accra, Ghana
3. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
4. Beau, Cameroun
5. Cotonou, Benin Republic
6. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
7. Johannesburg, South Africa
8. London, United Kingdom
9. Berlin, Germany

Here is the step-by-step process for international students to register at these foreign centers:

1. Visit www.jamb.gov.ng/efacility as a foreign candidate.
2. Create a profile.
3. Log in with your details.
4. Click on “Foreign UTME/DE registration” on the left side of your menu.
5. Follow the instructions and guidelines until you reach the payment page.
6. Make your $20 payment using any of the listed payment methods on the site.
7. Complete the registration directly online.

Key Points to Consider for JAMB Registration 2024/2025

When registering for JAMB, it is crucial to select one of the accredited centers listed by JAMB, which you can find here: https://www.jamb.gov.ng/Accreditted_Centres. This link contains a comprehensive A-Z list of approved CBT centers in Nigeria.

It’s important to note that JAMB will deploy CCTV cameras to record every moment of the exams at all centers. This measure is intended to eliminate the possibility of examination malpractice, so thorough preparation is essential.

Please be aware that this year’s JAMB exams will remain Computer-Based Tests (CBT) for all candidates, unless there are special cases.

Registering early is advisable to secure better centers with excellent facilities and proximity to your location, reducing the need for long-distance travel.

Multiple JAMB registration numbers for one candidate will be detected by JAMB. Dual registration is considered a criminal offense and may result in disqualification.

Safeguard your personal details, including your email address, password, registration number, exam number, examination date, and seat number.

While the JAMB mock exam is not mandatory for all candidates, it is recommended to participate in it to better prepare for the main exam.

Remember that mobile phones are not allowed in the exam hall. Leave them at home along with other prohibited items, such as electronic devices, wristwatches, pens, or any unauthorized materials.

Success in this year’s JAMB exams is a priority; make every effort to cover the entire syllabus. This includes acquiring recommended textbooks, the JAMB syllabus, and most importantly, studying JAMB past questions comprehensively.

Printing Your JAMB Acknowledgement Slip

Once you have completed your JAMB registration, it’s essential to print your JAMB acknowledgment slip. This slip serves as your ticket to enter the exam hall without any hindrance. To find out more about this process, please refer to the relevant resources.

Lost Your JAMB Registration Slip?

Mistakes can happen to anyone, and if you’ve misplaced your JAMB registration slip, there is a straightforward procedure to retrieve it.

The following are important updates and information regarding JAMB Registration for the year 2024/2025:

1. Notification Slips Printing for UTME 2024/2025:
– The printing of notification slips for the 2024/2025 UTME will commence soon.

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2. JAMB Mock Exam:
– The JAMB mock exam is scheduled to take place shortly. For details and important information about the JAMB mock exam.

3. JAMB Reprinting:
– Candidates are reminded that they will need to reprint their 2024/2025 JAMB slips to access their exam date and time.

4. JAMB Exam Date and Time Notifications:
– Wondering if JAMB has started sending out exam date and time notifications?

5. JAMB Subject Combination:
– Choosing the correct subject combination is crucial for your registration. An incorrect combination may require you to purchase a JAMB change of course form, incurring additional costs.

6. JAMB Timetable, Exam Center, and Slip Reprint:
– After completing your registration, you will notice that your exam date, venue, and time are missing. This is because JAMB has not yet assigned you to a specific center. You will need to reprint your slip to obtain this information.

7. JAMB Registration Timing:
– You are encouraged to register for the 2023/2024 JAMB as soon as the portal opens for registration. Registering early is advisable due to the expected high volume of candidates at registration centers.

8. Using Your JAMB Profile for Registration:
– If you plan to use your 2024/2025 JAMB profile for registration, ensure that it is up-to-date with accurate information such as your age and address.

9. Creating a New JAMB Profile:
– It is advised to create a JAMB profile as soon as possible. The portal is open 24 hours for profile creation, and it is free of charge.

10. Potential Changes in Registration Process:
– While there may not be significant changes in the registration method, it is possible that new concepts may be introduced. Any updates on the registration process will be promptly communicated.

11. Importance of JAMB Profile:
– Your JAMB profile is crucial for various JAMB-related services, including registration, mock exam slip printing, main exam slip reprinting, admission status checking, and expediting your admission process.

12. Recovering a Forgotten JAMB Profile Password or Dealing with an Invalid Email Address:
– If you have forgotten your JAMB profile password or encountered issues with an invalid email address, you can find solutions [here].

13. Correcting Errors on Your JAMB Profile:
– If you need to correct any mistakes on your JAMB profile, you can do so by following the provided instructions [here](insert link).

14. Seven Functions of Your JAMB Profile:
– Your JAMB profile serves multiple purposes. Discover seven key functions of your JAMB profile [here](insert link).

15. JAMB Profile Code for 2024/2025:
– Before purchasing your JAMB form at the bank, you will need a JAMB profile code. This code is necessary for processing your form at the bank.

16. Resolving Invalid E-PIN Issues During Registration for 2024/2025:
– If you are facing issues with an invalid E-PIN during the 2023/2024 JAMB registration, you can find a solution [here].

17. JAMB Mock Exam for 2024/2025:
– The JAMB mock exam for 2024/2025 is expected to occur a few weeks before the main exam. The purpose of this mock exam is to provide candidates with a preview of the actual exam.

18. Compulsory JAMB Mock Exam:
– Wondering if the JAMB mock exam is mandatory? Find out [here](insert link) about JAMB’s stance on the mock exam, including details about the date and venue.

19. JAMB Accredited Centers Nationwide:
– JAMB has mandated that all prospective candidates for the 2024/2025 JAMB exams must complete their registration at approved accredited centers. Registration costs only 700 Naira, and your thumbprint will be captured accurately.

20. Information Needed for Registration:
– During registration, you will be required to provide various details, including your full name, preferred institution, state of origin, phone number, email address, house address, sponsor’s name, next of kin, and your chosen subjects (four in total).

21. JAMB Slip Reprinting for 2024/2025:
– Reprinting of JAMB slips is essential, and candidates are encouraged to do so a few days before the exam. This slip contains crucial exam details. To reprint your JAMB slip, click [here].

22. JAMB Syllabus and Hot Topics for All Subjects:
– Obtaining the JAMB syllabus for the 2024/2025 series is essential, as all questions in the exam will be based on it. Ensure you have access to the syllabus to aid in your preparation.


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