Kumuyi Sends Message of Advice to Nigerian Leaders

During his arrival at Port Harcourt International Airport in Rivers State for a crusade, Dr. William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, emphasized the importance of Nigerian leaders fulfilling their divine purpose and serving the people selflessly, especially in the face of the current hardships experienced by Nigerians.

Dr. Kumuyi expressed that while there are challenges in various aspects of life, God always has solutions for every problem that afflicts people. Therefore, he urged Nigerians to maintain hope and resilience in order to confront economic and other difficulties.

The cleric emphasized the significance of leaders acknowledging God in their positions and carrying out their duties with selflessness. He emphasized, “Our leaders should fulfill the purpose for which God has appointed them to serve. They should be a blessing to the nation, focusing not on their own interests but on what they can do, what they should do, and what they must do to foster freedom throughout the country and in every aspect of society.”

Dr. Kumuyi acknowledged the presence of challenges but encouraged everyone to maintain faith in the Lord. He emphasized the importance of hope in shaping the future, stating, “My counsel to everyone is to look up to God and not lose hope. We must remember that no matter the challenges we face, God holds the solution. When we connect with God, we can expect and experience solutions that surpass our expectations.”

In essence, Dr. Kumuyi urged Nigerian leaders to fulfill their purpose, serve the people selflessly, and place their trust in God’s guidance and intervention in order to overcome the challenges faced by the nation.

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