Review of LuxeGold: Legit or Scam? How it Operates and Registration is currently a popular platform that’s gaining significant attention.

LuxeGold Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration
LuxeGold Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration

This LuxeGold review will guide you through its operation and the requirements for registration and earning money.

With rising unemployment in Nigeria, finding ways to earn additional income is crucial. In a country facing high inflation and an unsupportive business environment, having a side hustle becomes a necessity.

There are various legitimate ways to make money online, such as taking surveys, learning forex trading for profit, engaging in affiliate marketing, and participating in networks to earn income.

Additionally, there are platforms that pay you for chatting with lonely individuals, among other opportunities. However, distinguishing between effective and ineffective methods can be challenging.

Over the years, LegacyTips has been responsible for evaluating networking sites to help the public identify legitimate ones from fraudulent ones. In this article, we’ll delve into LuxeGold to discover what it offers.

LuxeGold (Review)

LuxeGold is an international social media monetization and affiliate platform designed to help young people make money using only a smartphone, an internet connection, and a willingness to work.

How LuxeGold Works

LuxeGold allows you to monetize your social media activities by compensating you for tasks you perform online that you might not have been paid for previously. Some of the tasks include posting on WhatsApp, sending anonymous messages, watching videos, and following others on social media.

LuxeGold Features

– Gold Status
– 92% Affiliate commission
– Gold Anonymous
– Gold Exchange
– Indirect referral commission
– Swift payment

Ways to Make Money on LuxeGold

Here’s how you can earn money on the platform:

1. Earn Via Task Bonus

Upon registration, you’ll receive 10,000 units, which will be credited to your account after 30 days of performing a brief daily task that takes less than 3 minutes. After 30 days of completing this 2-minute Gold task daily, you’ll receive ₦10,000 ($16) directly in your bank account, even without referrals.

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2. Earn Via Gold Status

You can earn by uploading photos or videos to your Gold Status, sharing the link on your WhatsApp status, and getting paid ₦20 per view. For example, if your photo receives 50 views, you’ll earn ₦1,000 ($1.6) for that one photo. Your Gold Status earnings will be added to your Gold Shares on your dashboard. The more views you get, the more Gold shares you accumulate.

3. Earn via Anonymous

You can share a link for friends to send you anonymous messages and earn ₦20 per message they send. For instance, if you receive 50 anonymous messages through your Gold Anonymous link, you’ll earn ₦1,000 ($1.6). Your earnings through Gold Anonymous will be added to your Gold shares on your dashboard.

4. Earn via Gold Exchange

You can earn when your friends sell their crypto coins using your referral link. For instance, if a friend sells $500 worth of BTC using your link, you’ll receive N5,000. You earn ₦10 ($0.01) per dollar traded when someone uses your link to trade cryptocurrencies.

5. Gold Affiliate

When someone registers with ₦5,000 ($8) LUXEGOLD through your referral, you’ll receive ₦4,000($6.4) as a referral commission. Additionally, when your referrals register someone, you earn ₦300($0.5) as 1st generation indirect referral commission. You also get ₦100 ($0.16) as 2nd generation indirect commission whenever your 2nd generation downlines register someone.

Foreign Earning Structures

LuxeGold is available in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, and Zambia, with varying registration fees and earning structures for each country.


  • Reg Fee: 100GHS
  • Referral Commission: 73GHS
  • 1st Gen Indirect: 4.5GHS
  • 2nd Gen Indirect: 1.1GHS
  • Task Welcome Bonus: 182GHS
  • Gold Status: 0.4GGHS
  • Gold Anonymous: 0.4GHS per message received.
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  • Reg Fee: 5,000CFA
  • Referral Commission: 3,920CFA
  • 1st Gen Indirect: 244CFA
  • 2nd Gen Indirect: 61CFA
  • Task Welcome Bonus: 9800CFA
  • Gold Status: 18CFA per view
  • Gold Anonymous: 18CFA per message


  • Reg Fee: 200R
  • Referral Commission: 122R
  • 1st Gen Indirect: 7.5R
  • 2nd Gen Indirect: 2R
  • Task Welcome Bonus: 304R
  • Gold Status: 0.7R per view
  • Gold Anonymous: 0.7R per message


  • Reg Fee: 181ZK
  • Referral Commission: 132ZK
  • 1st Gen Indirect: 8.2ZK
  • 2nd Gen Indirect: 2ZK
  • Task Welcome Bonus: 330ZK
  • Gold Status: 0.7ZK per view
  • Gold Anonymous: 0.7ZK per message

Secrets To Hit 6 Figures on LuxeGold

1. Create your group.

2. Attract members to your group through link broadcasting or ads on WhatsApp TV or Tiktok influencers.

3. Avoid involving family members and acquaintances in your group.

4. Increase awareness by sharing LUXEGOLD flyers on your status and group.

By implementing these strategies, it’s possible to earn 100k within a few days of launching your LuxeGold endeavors. Believe in yourself, and don’t make excuses; there are no limits to what you can achieve.


How to Withdraw from LuxeGold

LuxeGold has a unique payment strategy compared to other networking platforms. Here’s how withdrawals work:

1. Earnings from daily tasks are paid as “Gold Returns” of ₦10,000 ($16) every 30 days.

2. Gold Status and Anonymous earnings are combined and referred to as “Gold Shares” on your dashboard. You can request a withdrawal on the 25th of each month, with a minimum withdrawal of ₦35,000.

3. Gold Exchange and Gold Affiliates earnings are also combined as “Gold Commission” on your dashboard. Withdrawals can be made every Wednesday and Sunday between 12 pm and 4 pm, with a minimum withdrawal of ₦10,000.

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All earnings in dollars will be converted to naira and transferred directly to your bank account upon withdrawal.

LuxeGold Registration

To become a LuxeGold member, you must make a payment of ₦5,000 to Bostics Media and obtain your coupon code. When you sign up with Bostics Media, you gain access to several free advantages, including:

– Mentorship to boost your WhatsApp views and audience.
– Insider tips for increasing your earnings on LuxeGold.
– Free access to a Facebook ad mastery course valued at over ₦20,000.

LuxeGold Website Login

After successful registration, you can log in to the LuxeGold portal at

LuxeGold Telegram

Stay updated by joining the LuxeGold Telegram Channel for the latest news and updates.

LuxeGold Review: Scam or Legit?

LuxeGold is a new platform set to launch on December 1st, aiming to provide various online money-making opportunities through its features. As is common with networking platforms, they often experience rapid sign-ups and growth initially but may face challenges or policy changes over time.

Whether or not to join LuxeGold ultimately depends on your goals. It’s advisable to consider joining with the intention of raising capital for more sustainable ventures in the future.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations to add to this LuxeGold review, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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