Simi Reveals: No One Has Ever Broken My Heart

During an interview with reality star Tacha on Cool FM, Lagos, popular Nigerian musician Simi, also known as Simisola Kosoko, revealed that she has never experienced heartbreak. She clarified that her latest heartbreak song, “Stranger,” was not inspired by a personal experience.

Simi mentioned that she is a supporter of those who have gone through heartbreak and that the song resonates with people who have experienced multiple heartbreaks. She explained that the song explores the perspective of being in a relationship where one feels they have changed, accepted things, or adapted to situations they wouldn’t normally tolerate. Eventually, they realize that they no longer recognize themselves.

Simi expressed that she wanted to capture this perspective in her music because she thinks about love a lot and felt it was an angle she hadn’t explored in-depth before. She believed that people currently going through a heartbreak would relate to the song and its sentiments.

Overall, Simi emphasized her empathy for those who have experienced heartbreak, even though she personally hasn’t gone through it herself.

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