Soludo Encourages Anambra Indigenes in Lagos to Return Home and Invest

During a town hall meeting, Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State called upon Anambra indigenes residing in Lagos to return to their home state and invest. He highlighted the progress achieved by his administration in the first year and stressed the importance of transforming Anambra from a departure lounge to a destination. Soludo urged the people to embrace a sense of homeland consciousness and contribute to the growth of the state.

Governor Soludo emphasized the collective responsibility to leave Anambra State in a better condition than it was met. Addressing the chaotic nature of Onitsha, he assured the audience that his government is committed to revitalizing the city and restoring its former status as the largest commercial hub in the South-East and beyond.

Regarding security, the Governor stated that his administration has significantly reduced cases of killings and kidnappings through the implementation of an effective security architecture. He applauded the efforts of the security forces, including the Army, Navy, Police, State Vigilante Group, and other paramilitary agencies, for their dedication and contribution to the achievements thus far.

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