Tragic Incident: Adamawa Man Reportedly Kills and Beheads Younger Brother

The police in Adamawa State have detained a man named Amos Christopher for allegedly beating his four-year-old brother, Thyson, to death and decapitating him. The incident took place in their home in Dobi village, Ga’anda District, Gombi LGA. Amos, who is known to have epilepsy, reportedly carried out the horrifying act when his health condition worsened. However, it is unclear how his illness might have influenced his behavior.

Eyewitnesses reported that on June 19, Amos’s health deteriorated after having a seizure the previous day. Following the seizure, he allegedly exhibited drastic changes in his behavior. He violently attacked his mother and other younger brothers before focusing his rage on his four-year-old brother, Thyson. Despite his mother’s efforts to rescue Thyson, she was unable to save him as Amos locked them in a room and beat the young boy to death. He is then said to have decapitated Thyson with a hoe.

The Adamawa Police Command Spokesman, SP Suleiman Nguroje, stated that Amos maintains his innocence and claims that his younger brother is alive and at home. Amos’s father, Christopher Haruna, confirmed his son’s epilepsy diagnosis and revealed that the family had been struggling to manage his condition. The gruesome incident occurred while Christopher was away at his farm.

The police are currently investigating the case, and Amos remains in custody.

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