Video Footage Reveals Numerous Residents Stranded as Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding in Abuja

Following heavy rainfall on Friday, many residents in Trade Moore estate, Lugbe, Abuja, have reportedly been trapped due to flooding in the area. Videos circulating online depict houses and vehicles submerged in water.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) confirmed the situation and stated that efforts were underway to rescue those who were trapped in their homes. Unfortunately, a driver of a Peugeot 406 with the registration number YLA 681 FS is reported to have drowned in the flood and remains missing. However, four individuals who were rescued are said to be in stable condition.

An unnamed NEMA official urged residents in flood-prone areas of the estate to evacuate to safer locations. The official emphasized the importance of prioritizing life over property and warned about the potential dangers posed by the power of water. Stakeholders such as NEMA, Fire Service, FCT FEMA, Red Cross, and the Federal Ministry of Environment-Flood Department are actively involved in responding to the flood.

The official’s final plea was for people to heed the warning, relocate from flood-prone areas if necessary, and prevent any loss of lives this year.

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