Army Officer and Woman Detained by Ekiti Police for Compelling Man to Crawl in Dirty Canal Water

An army officer and a woman have been detained by the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department of the Ekiti State Police Command. They are accused of causing disturbance at Fayose Market. The identity of the army officer has been withheld.

According to reports from Gurustab, the army officer was allegedly sent to the market to intimidate people regarding rent issues. An eyewitness informed SaharaReporters that the lady hired the army officer to collect rent at the market, but upon arrival, he began threatening individuals with a knife.

Both the woman and the soldier were apprehended around 8:30 pm on Thursday. As per the witness, the army officer forced a young man to remove his shirt and crawl into a canal filled with dirty and foul-smelling water. The incident took place at Fayose Market on June 22, 2023, at around 10 am.

The witness stated, “The woman in a red head-tie brought a soldier to the market to collect rent and intimidate anyone who dared to intervene. The unnamed soldier ordered a young man to crawl into dirty water simply because he said, ‘Soldier, please calm down.’ The soldier threatened to stab and kill anyone who approached him with the knife he was brandishing.”

Following the soldier’s departure from the market, the affected traders convened an emergency meeting to address the harassment and humiliation they had experienced. Subsequently, they collectively decided to report the soldier and the woman who brought him to the Nigeria Police.

A complaint was lodged at the Ado Central police station (Oke sha Ado Ekiti) and the police post within Fayose Market. The police conducted a search and investigation, revealing that both the woman and the soldier had come from Ilawe Ekiti to Ado Ekiti on Thursday.

At present, they are being held at the State CIID headquarters on Iyin Road, Ado Ekiti.

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