Banky W Addresses Allegations of Cheating with Ex-Signee Niyola, Speaks Out about Adesua Rumors

Banky W, the popular Nigerian singer and politician, has seemingly addressed the cheating allegations leveled against him. According to a previous report by Gurustab, an Instagram blog had accused Banky W of being unfaithful to his wife, Adesua Etomi, with his former signee, Niyola.

The blog alleged that Banky W had impregnated Niyola and requested her to terminate the pregnancy, but she refused, having already terminated two pregnancies for him in the past. It further claimed that the singer had been involved with the alleged side chic even before his marriage to Adesua Etomi and continued the affair afterward.

During his sermon titled ‘The Prison of Pornography’ at Waterbrooks Church in Lekki, Lagos on Sunday, Banky W addressed the congregation and indirectly responded to the rumors. He suggested that the allegations were orchestrated by satanic elements who aimed to divert the attention of the members from the Sunday sermon.

Banky W firmly declared that the devil is a liar and reassured the congregation that God is in control. He also took a moment to express his gratitude to his wife for her support during his struggle with pornography addiction.

“The devil really didn’t want you to hear this message. In fact, he didn’t want us to enter into this series at all,” Banky W stated. “There was an attack at the beginning, but here we are. But the devil is a liar. And God is in control. If I don’t thank God for anything in my life, I thank God for this woman,” he added, pointing at Adesua.

Banky W’s remarks at the church service indicated his dismissal of the cheating allegations and his focus on spiritual matters.

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