Peter Obi Extends Apology to Chinese University Graduates, Expressing Profound Regret for the Omission

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the previous election, has issued an apology to Nigerian graduates from a Chinese university for the oversight in omitting their names on social media. Gurustab recently reported that Peter Obi had congratulated Ifeoma Amuche, a Nigerian student who had recently emerged as the top-performing student at South West University, China.

In a statement released on Sunday via Twitter, the former governor of Anambra State expressed remorse for unintentionally excluding the names of Ifeoma’s four Nigerian schoolmates, who also received similar awards. He extended his congratulations to them and conveyed his appreciation for bringing honor to Nigeria. Furthermore, he expressed his hope that their recent accomplishments would open up more global opportunities for them.

Peter Obi wrote, “I deeply regret the omission in a recent tweet where I congratulated Miss Ifeoma Amuche of South West University, China, for her academic excellence and recognition. I inadvertently left out the names of her four Nigerian schoolmates, who also received the same award and on whose behalf Miss Amuche spoke.”

He continued, “I sincerely congratulate the other four exceptional Nigerians, namely Chioma Chukwuemeka, Oraka Chiamaka, Akpata Johnson, and Chinedu Wilson, who were honored with the Excellent International Students Award from South West University, China. I commend them all for their academic achievements, which have earned them international recognition.”

“I appreciate the honor they have brought to Nigeria, and I believe that their accomplishments will pave the way for further global opportunities, enabling them to achieve even greater things that will benefit not only Nigeria but also the world at large,” Peter Obi added.

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He emphasized the need for increased investment in education and the provision of appropriate skills and knowledge to Nigerian youth. This, he believes, will enable them to make productive contributions to Nigeria’s development and compete successfully on the global stage. Peter Obi expressed optimism that Nigerians in the diaspora will play an invaluable role in building the envisioned New Nigeria, both in the near and distant future.

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