Lawyer Condemns IPOB DOS for Endangering Nnamdi Kanu’s Life

Aloy Ejimakor, the Special Counsel to Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has stated that Kanu personally assigned him the task of finding an independent medical doctor to attend to his health needs. Ejimakor made this clarification in response to a publication by Chika Edoziem, an alleged chieftain of IPOB’s Department of State, claiming that he and two medical doctors were banned from visiting Kanu in detention.

Ejimakor emphasized that Kanu has the sole power and discretion to choose his visitors according to the court order on visitations. He stated that neither the Department of State Services (DSS), the Nigerian government, the courts, IPOB, Kanu’s lawyers, nor his relatives can impose visitors on him. Therefore, individuals like Chika Edoziem have no authority to determine who can visit Kanu, including his lawyers, doctors, or relatives.

Furthermore, Ejimakor clarified that it is Kanu’s prerogative to invite a medical doctor of his choice for a visit. He mentioned that Kanu had previously exercised this right in August 2022, where despite the visitation being mysteriously blocked at the last minute, the independent medical opinion obtained during that time is being utilized by Kanu’s legal team. Ejimakor emphasized that Kanu entrusted him with the responsibility of securing the urgent independent medical care that he requires.

Ejimakor also addressed the publications that suggested Chika Edoziem inadvertently admitted to being part of a conspiracy that blocked two doctors chosen by Kanu from visiting him. He explained that his role as Special Counsel involved preparing the Letter of Introduction demanded by the DSS for the visitation, which was crucial in facilitating the doctors’ access.

In conclusion, Ejimakor asserted that matters concerning Kanu’s health should not be exclusive to one person, and both himself and Kanu’s family should be involved in decisions relating to his healthcare. The focus remains on ensuring Kanu receives the necessary medical attention that has been urgently sought.

Furthermore, Ejimakor issued a strong warning in response to the actions taken to block the independent medical doctors from visiting Kanu. He expressed deep concern and described it as shocking and ominous, emphasizing that such actions deliberately put Kanu’s life at risk. He urged those involved to carefully consider the consequences of their actions.

Ejimakor also highlighted the inherent evil in using Kanu’s health as a means to settle personal scores with his family or any of his lawyers. He urged individuals to refrain from taking such a dangerous path, warning that Kanu, known for his resilience, would not tolerate the manipulation of his health.

In conclusion, Ejimakor stated that the highly publicized statements made by Chika Edoziem and others, suggesting that himself, the Kanu family, and the two blocked doctors pose a danger to Kanu’s life, health, and safety, have been duly noted. He asserted that he will address these accusations in a manner and forum of his choosing. At the same time, he mentioned that he is dealing with the private threats issued against him and his family as a result of these grave allegations.

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