Bode George – I’m Not Looking For Appointments Under Tinubu But I Can Nominate

Olabode George, a former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has clarified that he is not seeking an appointment under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration. Instead, he expressed his willingness to recommend capable individuals to work with Tinubu.

Despite being a staunch critic of Tinubu, George revealed in an interview with Punch that he resolved his differences with the President not for personal gain but to promote peace and in deference to those who mediated in the matter.

George emphasized that, at his age, he had no aspirations beyond what he had already achieved. He dismissed speculations about desiring an appointment and urged people to refrain from baseless talk. He highlighted that the resolution of their conflict was influenced by the ongoing court proceedings involving his party.

According to George, he had forgiven Tinubu, and the issue was now in the past. He affirmed that he would contribute his expertise and experience in party management to assist Tinubu by recommending capable individuals. He stressed the importance of nurturing young talent and enabling them to make valuable contributions to the nation’s progress.

George emphasized that he was not actively seeking employment and stated that if Tinubu approached him, they would discuss the matter with other party leaders to collectively nominate a competent and dynamic individual who could bring value to the country.

However, he clarified that he could not extend congratulations or visit Tinubu at the presidential villa while his party, the PDP, was still pursuing legal action regarding the outcome of the presidential election. Doing so, he believed, would be a betrayal of his party’s cause.

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