Prominent Religious Leader Encourages Nigerians to Champion the Cause of Peace

The Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has urged Nigerians, particularly Christians, to remain resolute in the face of numerous challenges confronting the nation and to actively promote peace in all circumstances.

Speaking at a mission congress in Sokoto, organized by the Sokoto Catholic Diocese in collaboration with the pontifical mission societies, the Bishop aimed to expand the reach of the gospel. He cautioned Christians to be cautious of individuals who exploit religion for personal and political gains.

The Bishop highlighted how the failure of Nigerian political leaders to effectively manage the country’s diversity has contributed to the current challenges experienced in various parts of the nation. He noted that Nigeria has witnessed conflicts influenced by ethnic and religious differences, particularly in the northern regions, resulting in a negative impact on unity, peace, growth, and development.

Expressing his disappointment, the Bishop criticized politicians who still exploit religion as a means to further their political campaigns. He emphasized that this approach has heightened tensions and animosity among Nigerians.

Kukah emphasized that achieving peace in Nigeria requires the collective effort of all citizens, especially those in leadership positions. He called on leaders to lead by example, treating all individuals equally regardless of their religious, ethnic, or political affiliations. This inclusive approach is crucial for building and sustaining peace in the country.

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