Three students allegedly become pregnant by a guard at an Anglican school in Anambra

There is currently a state of concern at the Queen’s Convent School in Awka, Anambra State. This unease arises from the alleged discovery that a security officer, whose identity remains undisclosed, employed by the school administration, is suspected of having impregnated at least three female students at the college.

Reportedly, this security officer, a man in his early 30s from Akwa Ibom State, began working at the school just a few months ago. The affected students are said to be currently in SSS 2.

As of the time of this report, the school authorities have not made any decisions regarding this matter. It’s worth noting that the college is under the ownership of the Anglican Diocese of Awka.

However, an anonymous teacher from the school disclosed that one of the pregnant students attempted to commit suicide by trying to jump from the stairs of the hostel building but was rescued by her fellow students and teachers.

The anonymous teacher further commented, “The students had been expressing their concerns to the school authorities about the security officer’s behavior, but no action was taken. The security officer wore earrings and had tattoos, which he used to deceive these young students. Some of us were against the idea of hiring young men around 28-30 years old as security personnel in a girls’ school. The students preferred older male staff who would treat them like daughters. However, this decision was made collectively by the authorities, even though their own daughters are not enrolled here. Now that this situation has come to light, questions arise about who should be held responsible, and how the parents of these students will react.”

Some parents, who wished to remain anonymous, have voiced their intentions to withdraw their children from the school, asserting that missionary schools no longer uphold the standards they used to.

Efforts to obtain a response from the school administration have been unsuccessful so far, as the information officer was not available. When contacted through one of the school’s dedicated telephone lines, the person who answered claimed to be unaware of the incident but promised to provide information later. However, as of the time of filing this report, no further communication has been received.

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