Tinubu Asserts: “I Am Your President Regardless of Your Vote”

President Bola Tinubu has emphasized the importance of unity and stability in Nigeria, regardless of the political party people supported in the 2023 general elections. During an interactive session with members of the Nigerian community in France, he reaffirmed his role as the leader of the nation and expressed his commitment to working for the prosperity of all citizens.

In a statement released by his spokesperson, Tinubu acknowledged that promoting unity and stability is crucial for the progress of the country. He stated, “Whether you voted for me during the elections or not, I am your President. I will work on your behalf to ensure a turning point of prosperity.”

Tinubu also highlighted his decision to address the issue of fuel subsidy without causing significant disruptions. Despite challenges in the transportation, electricity, and infrastructure sectors, he claimed to have managed the removal of the subsidy without major negative consequences. He said, “We have challenges in transport, electricity, infrastructure, and others. I tackled the significant challenge of fuel subsidy without destabilizing the country.”

The President’s remarks reflect his commitment to national unity and his efforts to address pressing issues faced by the country, emphasizing the need for stability and progress.

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